Piqu refuses to allow Shakira to take her children to Miami

Con Shakira and Gerard Pique separated, and with their children milan and sasha Already on vacation, the couple’s first big lawsuit is coming up, because while the Colombian singer wants to take her children to Miami, the soccer player does not agree that they spend the two months away from Spain.

Y pique She has a very important reason for her children not to spend so much time away from home: being close to their paternal grandparents, with whom they have been practically all their lives.

Thus, the couple’s first big lawsuit could take place, since they will have to reach an agreement and decide how their children will spend their summer vacations.

Piqu does not want his children to spend so much time away from Barcelona

Shakira wants to leave Barcelona as soon as possible, because in recent days the cases of harassment of people who hang around her house have increased, in addition to the fact that in that city she is now the focus of the media.

Butpiquehe does not want his children to spend so much time outside of Barcelona. The journalist Laura Fa commented that pique He does not believe that the absence of his children will affect their relationship, because even if they go to Miami, he will see them in that city, because that is where Barcelona’s preseason tour will begin.

But the footballer does not want the relationship to be affected. milan and sasha with his paternal grandparents, since Gerard’s parents practically live with them, since their house is connected, and if the children are absent for so long, the ones who would be affected and suffer are the grandparents.

That is the main reason why pique he does not want his children to spend so much time with Shakirabecause he doesn’t want the children’s bond with their grandparents to be broken, in addition to the fact that Milan and Sasha have practically spent their entire lives in Barcelona, ​​including their friends.

And although they could spend a month with their father and another with their mother, they will have to negotiate and, according to the journalist, it will not be easy, because “the relationship between them is very tense, very distant, and the negotiations are going to be very difficult.” hard”.

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