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Even though Pique took advantage of the boom of the last song that Shakira dedicated to him using a Casio and reaching the Kings League in a TwingoNot everything is going smoothly for the former Barcelona player, since after the exit of the “BZRP Music Sessions #53” a tournament very important decided disassociate of your company Kosmoswhich is in charge of organizing some elite sporting events such as the Spanish Super Cup.

What happened to Piqué’s ‘Kosmos’ company?

Although the controversy over the song put him in the eye of the hurricane, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) He decided to break his relationship with Kosmosa company that managed the Davis Cup of tennis, for economic issues.

The agreement between the company and the ITF was signed in 2018 and included a contract for 25 yearsalthough the tennis institution announced last Thursday (a day after the Colombian song came out) that it was terminating its business with the former soccer player’s company for discrepancies with the economic model.

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“The awards monetary will be paid at the right time when the conditions previous be accomplished by nations,” Kosmos wrote in a statement broadcast to the AFP.

When asked to give details about these conditions, Kosmos replied that it is “documents Y forms that must be sent in order to proceed with payments”.

Kosmos paid the rights in full by 2022” to the ITF, stressed the group of former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Davis Cup ended its agreement with Kosmos

The ITF announced Thursday that recover the control of the organization of the Davis and it ends its agreement with Kosmos as of the 2023 edition. That agreement had been closed in 2018 for 25 years and ends much sooner than expected.

“Kosmos Tennis and the ITF they have not reached an agreement to renegotiate the economic model and neither on the current and future rights requested by the ITF. Those rights, which have been significantly reduced during the pandemic, have varied over the years of collaboration (between Kosmos and the ITF),” the business group explained.

Kosmos revolutionized the Format Davis Cup since 2019. The popular duels with a local team and another visitor were abandoned, with matches in five sets and dates spread throughout the year. Since that year, the tournament ends with a final phase, but the new formula I do not finish of comply the high ones expectations generated.

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