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“Picke lost a lot”It’s just one of thousands of comments Shakira has received on a video posted of her shaking her hips to the beat of her new hit. “Empty Cup”. His fans agree that the former footballer lost “a great woman” when he parted ways with Barranquilla.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira announce their separation in June 2022 and there is a flood of news about it The conflict that resulted from that decision was the custody of the children and the third for whom the Blaugrana has decided to separate, Clara Chia Marti.

It’s been over a year since that announcement The river water has returned to its course and now there is a “certain peace” between them for the sake of their children Milan and Sasha.

Shakira is devoted to the little ones and their music, which in recent months, with her trilogy of songs with lyrics against Pique, “monotony, Congratulations And session 53 with the strange He has won millions of dollars.

On his part, Piqué decided to stay in Barcelona with Clara Chia and formalize their relationship, as well as dedicate himself to his company, Cosmos, and the King’s League.

Shakira leads an intense social life

But in recent months, Shakira has made the paparazzi crazy as her social life has increased dramatically. Each meeting with a celebrity, Tom Cruise, Lewis Hamilton and Jimmy Butler, there is reason to think that the lady from Barranquilla is in a relationship.

But strong rumors and frequent encounters are with Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, whom paparazzi Jordi Martin has assured that he has a very close friendship with Shakira and may even be in a secret relationship.

In this regard, People magazine recently interviewed clairvoyant ‘The Wunderkind’ who made predictions and predictions of Shakira’s alleged relationship with Lewis.

Whatever Lewis wants, he gives away Shakira

Victor Florencio, the real name of the seer, said that Shakira’s life A man came “who was also involved in the game.” Between the two he saw “abundance” and “much prosperity”.

They talked about partnership or doing business together. “I see abundance, fortune. If these two people come together in some business they will do very well.”

However, some differences may arise in this couple which may completely rule out a certain union, The 38-year-old pilot wants an heir, which Shakira isn’t worried about because at 46, her heart feels complete with Milan and Sasha.

“I’ll be honest: this man is looking for a son”Said ‘El Niño Prodigio’ in the interview and added that This would not only stop the story, but leave it somewhere in the middle: “I don’t know if Shakira is in it. There is something beautiful like friendship between them; I don’t see a lot of things happening in the future.”

But the watcher went ahead and talked about the most intimate of all between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton: “They are air and earth. It’s a whirlwind in bed!” Based on the fact that Pilot is an earth sign like Capricorn for being born on January 7th 1985 while Shakira is a water sign for being Aquarius.

so The pair will give plenty to discuss over the remainder of 2023 so Lewis Hamilton, is still happy with Barranquillaera and time will tell how far they go,

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