Piqué was replaced: The incredible declaration of love they made to Shakira at the entrance of her mansion in Barcelona (Photos)

The separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué continues to create controversy after the events recorded in recent days.

Over the weekend the footballer was spotted with a blonde-haired woman at a private party in Stockholm, and now they do pints in the entrance of Shakira’s mansionlocated in Barcelona-Spain.

The writings They were discovered this Monday morning on the pavement of the street where the mansion of the Colombian singer is located.

The messages were written in English, and phrases like: “I love you, pretty woman”, “I am coming for you, my love”, “I am ready to marry you right now and support you”.

Until now the identity of the person who committed these acts of vandalism is unknown; although the local police have already initiated the respective investigations.

Apparently another subject was also caught introducing things in the mailbox of Shakira’s houseand the authorities had to review it to determine if it was something dangerous.

and although Shakira is presumed to move to Miami in the coming days, at the moment he continues at his home in Barcelona. Meanwhile, this weekend Piqué took a break in Sweden.

The Spanish soccer player would have been invited by the CEO of Spotify to a party in Stockholm, where he was seen with a blonde-haired woman.

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