Piqué would cry forever. The millionaire fortune that Shakira and Henry Cavil would have if they get together

Fans want to see Shakira with Henry Cavill
Fans want to see Shakira with Henry Cavill

In the midst of separation Pique and Shakira Due to an alleged infidelity of the soccer player, rumors began to circulate on social networks about a possible rapprochement between the Colombian and henry cavill. Although it seems like a dream for many followers, others go further and fantasize about the millionaire fortune they would have if they were to be together.

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The famous shared the same space weeks ago when they coincided at the Cannes festival gala and he could not help but turn to see her when she walked the red carpet. Then, the networks noticed that the protagonist of “Superman” had begun to follow the barranquillera on Instagram and the frenzy increased.

Dozens of memes and jokes circulated on platforms like Twitter and Instagram with the sole idea of ​​seeing henry cavill in the arms of Shakira and the sad end of Pique in case it happened. This led many to pull out calculators and do the math to see how much money these two entertainment heavyweights would add up to.

The fortunes of Henry Cavill and Shakira

According to Celebrity Networth Shakira owns a fortune $300 million thanks to his successful career as a singer. While Henry Cavill owns 40 million of the green ones, for which if they were to be romantically together, neither of them would have economic problems and they would only have to worry about maintaining the relationship.

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