Piqué’s friends gave Shakira a nickname because they didn’t like her, which is Mediotiempo

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At the beginning of June, the “bomb” exploded around one of the most famous couples in the sports and musical field: Gerard Hammered and Shakira separated for an alleged infidelity of the Barcelona player, although other versions point to economic issues. As the days go by, more details and leaks emerge, such as the nickname that Piqué’s friends gave Shakira for “hateful”.

There were 12 years of relationship between the two in which, supposedly, the people closest to the Spanish defender never had a good relationship with the Colombian artist. The Spanish communicator, Lorena Vázquez, revealed in a television program in Barcelona Shakira’s nickname and some details of the little cordiality that there was with the footballer’s friends.

The nickname that Piqué’s friends gave Shakira

According to the Catalan presenter, Shakira never managed to get along with Gerard Piqué’s friendsto such an extent that they put a nickname as a mockeryreferring to the singer as “The Patron” for her strong temperament and little kindness, of which she was aware and would have generated several frictions by not feeling defended by her now ex-partner.

In addition, the journalist also commented that Shakira wants to leave Barcelona as soon as possible, arguing that the only reason he was still there was because he was with Piqué, since he doesn’t have friends in the city either. This is one more reason why the interpreter of “Barefoot” Y “Waka-Waka” he wants to go to the United States with his children.

Why did Shakira and Piqué never get married?

The love break between the singer and the footballer has generated endless doubts and questions about their relationship, one of the main ones being knowing why they never got married. The answer was given by the Colombian herself in an interview for the American network CBS.

marriage scares me. I don’t want her to see me as his wife, but rather as his girlfriend, his lover. It’s like that forbidden fruit: I prefer to keep him attentive and think that everything is possible depending on his behavior, ”she shared on the program ’60 minutes’ in 2020.

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