Pivotal stories of gender in the first person

The work

It is a theatrical event with holograms and actresses on stage, where women from all over the world and women from Uruguay tell us their stories in a world with inequalities and invite us to continue generating the necessary changes to reduce gender inequality and its consequences.

women involved

Between the Internationals:

Hypatia of Alexandria

Olympe de Gogues

Katherine Henot

Marie Curie

Maria Montessori

The Mirabal sisters

Emma Watson


Among the Uruguayans:

Melchora Cuenca

9Delmira Agustini

Juana de Ibarbourou

Enriquete Compte and Rique

Paulina Luisi

and several more surprises…

Actress on stage:

juliet rodriguez


Winning holographic technology of the IDB Smart Challenge 2021, innovation challenge for Mercosur, will be applied.


With part of the collection of the work we have committed to make the second edition of the book “Who are They” since the first edition sold out quickly and is a brilliant educational and dissemination tool about STEM Women in Uruguay

Technical team

Sofia Dominguez

Coordinator of the social project
Training in Gender and Human Rights
social work student

Beatrice Rouco

Project Artistic Director
Music teacher
Producer and popular educator

Gonzalo Dominguez

Technology Producer
Director of Mix Consultores and integrator of emerging technologies

Lorena Palmieri Freitas

Corporate Communications Coordinator
Degree in Psychology Postgraduate in Human Resources MBA



Hour: 20:00

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