Pixar’s largest immersive exhibition, Campaign, arrives in Spain

From next December 5, due to its arrival in Spain for the first time, it will be possible to immerse ourselves in the Pixar universe. “Pixar World”, Pixar’s largest fully immersive exhibition, Which will allow all its fans to enjoy, in the first person, the main settings of films that have marked several generations, such as “Up”, “Cars”, “Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo”, “Coco”, “Elemental”, “Lucca” or “Monstruos S. A”.

The exhibition, curated by Disney Pixar Animation Studios, first opened its doors in São Paulo, Brazil, before passing through Rio de Janeiro; All its tickets were sold out in both the cities. It is currently open in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In Spain we can see it IFEMA Madrid Fairgrounds. From 5th December to 22nd April, Pixar fans will be able to live a unique experience, with life-size reproductions of landscapes, completely realistic settings based on 3D objects that will complete a total immersive experience. During the tour, visitors can sit with Carl in the living room of Up’s house, from Monsters, Inc. Take a tour of the factory or feel like Woody or one of his friends in Andy’s room from Toy Story. There will also be the opportunity to prepare dishes from the film Ratatouille in the kitchen of Gusteau’s restaurant with Remy.

Pixar World, an exhibition for the whole family and for those unconditional fans of the Disney and Pixar universe, comes to Spain with the help of Proactive Entertainment, MP and Ozono Producciones, who have managed to capture all the magic that has brought millions of Has affected. Tremors throughout the world. In the words of Jay Ward, Pixar’s creative director and curator of this exhibit, “If you’ve ever dreamed of diving deeper into Pixar’s stories, you must visit Pixar World. Creating an experience like this, in many ways, Creating your own experience is like a favorite Pixar film; We pay attention to every detail, bringing you closer to our characters, In addition to being able to enjoy our films on screen, you have the opportunity to walk through them and experience Pixar storytelling in a richer and more authentic way than ever before.”

For his part, Nico Renna, CEO of Proactive Entertainment, said: “Bringing an exhibition like Mundo Pixar to Spain is a big step for us. We’re talking about the dreams of little children and those of us who are not so little. “Everyone has a Pixar character in their imagination and now they will have the possibility to put themselves in his place, living in the same setting in which some of the stories that mark our lives have developed.”

For all those fans who do not want to miss a unique exhibition, the exhibition will be active until Tuesday, November 15. waiting list, where tickets can be purchased at a special price. Tickets will go on sale to the general public on November 16 through Fiverr.

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