‘placing’ vaccine stocks before they expire • Imola Oggi

Together with the Government it will be necessary to study how to “place” the stocks of unused anti-Covid vaccines “before they expire”. Raising the question is Raffaele Donini, councilor for health of Emilia-Romagna and coordinator of the Health Commission of the Conference of the Regions, at the Bologna Fair on the sidelines of the inauguration of Cosmofarma 2022.

“The stocks are also due to the administration of the fourth dose, which is in progress – explains Donini – moreover Emilia-Romagna is the first region in Italy in terms of number of vaccinations, even if many are not vaccinating. These stocks, in agreement with the government, will have to somehow be placed in the best condition before they expire. Or engaged in regions with lower numbers or in countries, as has already been done in the past, where vaccination is certainly not at the level of Italy “.

As for next autumn, adds the commissioner, “we expect the supply, I imagine from September-October, of the new vaccines that can also be more suited to the new variants. Then the government, the Ministry, the Higher Institute of Health and the scientific community as a whole will tell us whether this vaccination should be extended to everyone, like the previous one, or whether we should focus on the most vulnerable people or those of a certain age. upward”. So “we are waiting for information,” Donini reiterates. Meanwhile, “we must be ready with our local network, first of all with general practitioners and also with the service pharmacy”.


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