Players’ anger over not celebrating with their families and quarrels between security staff | Relief

He real Madrid He is the champion of the Champions League 23-24. The Whites won Wembley thanks to goals from Carvajal and Vinicius… a holiday that didn’t even last an hour. When the referee announced the end of the game, the players merged in endless hugs and They were looking for their relatives in the stands. The road map seemed clear: days earlier, UEFA had asked the champions to be patient as they approached the on-field celebrations. However, The presence of family and friends did not come until the final moments. some of them are upset about the delay.

A few days before the final, UEFA asked the champion team to be patient. They wanted to make it easier to broadcast the celebration on the Wembley lawn.avoid the chaos that eventually ensued. For this, He gave each player several bracelets that read “family and friends.”

Players, when the referee announced the end of the match, They looked for their relatives in the stands to make it easier for them to enter the playing field. However, they did not know how to do this: each family was located in a certain area of ​​the stadium (they were separated at the holiday), and the fans crowded next to the fences that separated the stands from the grass.

Finally, most relatives and friends managed to join in in equal parts in the atypical and chaotic celebration. Real Madrid players did not understand that UEFA did not allow their relatives to go down to the grass during the celebration. We did this about half an hour later, when everyone had already posed with Orejona and Ancelotti and Kroos were already undercover.

Tensions between Madrid and stadium security

When the party was over and everything seemed calm, There was a moment of unnecessary tension in the Wembley stands. The stadium is empty Some club security officers tried to enter the playing field. There were exactly three of them, heading along the path leading to the grass. At some point, they encountered stadium security, who did not allow them to enter. What seemed like an easy argument It all ended in a quarrel between them and an unpleasant situation for those present. It is worth clarifying that, although They didn’t have the proper accreditation to enter the field, but they had the green light. club, which claimed that they were workers and had a permit.

The Madrid residents tried to pass, but the locals did not let them through. They were two men and a woman who They were eventually held back by the Wembley stewards. in a clear majority. Insults were heard and several hands flew off, although no blows were thrown that could be regretted.

Three who resisted were taken out of the room. They tried to turn around several times. But despite their attempts, more people appeared and stopped them. Two of them were held against the wall for several minutes, and the third was forcibly removed. Meanwhile, The players looked amazed from the field and other facility employees asked that the location not be recorded.

When everything had calmed down, those in charge of both bodies met in the stands to talk about what had just happened. It didn’t take long before sparks flew again. “Relax! Relax!” – one of the Real Madrid players commented, so that the situation does not get worse. Some needed to be reassured, more nervous than necessary. The impromptu meeting lasted several minutes until the situation became clearer.

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