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There multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite it was received very positively by the players, net of some problems. Particularly since launch, the fans have complained about the speed of progression of the Battle Pass. Similar criticisms have now also arrived for the new one Fracture event: Tenrai started a few days ago. Fortunately, 343 Industries is listening carefully to feedback from the community and promised changes.

Despite the changes made last week, players have complained about the time it takes to get all the rewards from the new event. Specifically, it must be completed 30 of the 42 challenges to unlock all 30 tiers of rewards, including the coveted Samurai Yoroi armor. Among other things, the challenges will be made available to groups of seven over the course of six weeks.

This means that there is a weekly progression limit, for example with this week’s challenges you can reach a maximum of level 7. In short, unlocking all the rewards takes too much time according to some players, especially those who cannot spend many hours to the game, as this is a limited-time event, although it will be repeated several times over the course of Season 1. The other general complaint is that of the 30 rewards, 16 are XP boosters and modifiers for challenges, while only the the remaining 14 are objects for customization.

In a Tweet, 343 Industries community manager Brian Jarrard said the team received community feedback “loud and clear”. However, changes will take some time, and the studio has decided to give the Halo Infinite development team a little, well-deserved, break after the efforts of the past few weeks.

Jospeph Staten, head of creative at 343i, in an interview with Eurogamer also added that progression problems are easy to solve with respect to structural flaws and recalled that multiplayer is in effect still in the beta phase, so it is normal that a “settling down” period will be needed to properly calibrate all the various aspects.

Staying on the subject, yesterday the Staten explained how the postponement of the Halo Infinite co-op campaign was a painful choice, but right for the good of the game.

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