PlayStation 5 is back bookable in GameStop stores. Here’s how to do it

PlayStation 5 Restock GameStop

After yesterday afternoon’s online restock, PlayStation 5 is back bookable in all GameStop points of sale throughout Italy albeit in limited quantities. Here’s what it includes and how to make it yours!

The information was unveiled by the insider Roberto Serranò, who published a screenshot of a circular inside the GameStop stores concerning the arrival of new PlayStation 5 stocks for Christmas.

To book it you just need to go to any of the points of sale and pay a deposit of 250 €. You can then book a bundle that includes: PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, Far Cry 6, Back 4 Blood, Returnal, the Space Jam 4K Blu Ray movie, Sades Spirit headphones, and the Charghing Station BDL. All for a total cost of € 699.98. However, we do not know if there will be the opportunity to be able to change all or some of the products in the bundle by making a return.


Reservations apparently would already be open this morning, and they are in rather limited quantities. In fact, we are talking about only 1,950 bundles available, which may already be far fewer since several hours have already passed since the reopening of pre-orders. We therefore suggest you to go to the GameStop store as soon as possible to make a reservation. Several users of our Telegram group have already confirmed this opportunity, and it is right to point it out to you.

As for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, at the moment we do not have information yet but we will keep you updated as soon as we know something.

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Source: Roberto Serranò

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