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A group of fan has resurrected PlayStation Home, a service for PlayStation 3 closed by Sony six years ago now. In reality, the Destination Home project has been active for some time, as well as downloadable and playable on PS3 offline, via consoles or emulators. Now, however, he has made the qualitative leap he was missing, adding the possibility of going online, thanks to the collaboration with the PlayStation Online Network Emulated (PSONE) group.

According to what was announced by the group, players will be able to connect online by the end of the year, entering public or private lobbies like in the old days. To celebrate, a teaser trailer was also released:

It remains to be seen who really wants to go back to using PlayStation Home on PS3, given the lack of success of the original. Evidently over the years a large group of enthusiasts must have formed who can’t wait to be able to use it again.

Passionate to the point that many have donated the data crammed onto their PS3, allowing the restoration of many spaces of the original application, including the Hub, the Bowling and the Playground. There will also be the possibility to customize the apartments.

PlayStation Home launched in beta in late 2008. Sony’s goal was to create a kind of metaverse frequented by PS3 players, but things didn’t go as hoped. There closure it arrived in March 2015, when the software was still in beta.

Of course Sony has nothing to do with the exhumation operation, which has as its ultimate goal the preservation of PlayStation Home. Bear in mind that the PSONE group doesn’t even accept donations. We’re talking about the same group that brought Motorstorm multiplayer and other PS3 titles back to life.

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