Pokémon GO Fest 2023 – Niantic reveals that the event contributed 235 million euros to local economies

Niantic, the study on the origin of Pokémon GO, has revealed amazing features at the Pokémon GO Fest 2023. In fact, the event represented a profit of 235 million euros for the economies of London, Osaka and New York, where the event took place. greater success. . GeekNPlay you can explain everything.

If some people appreciate the economic impact of the new videos, Niantic est récemment venu leur donner grievance. In fact, for the cells and for those who are ignorant, it is August 2023 This is the latest edition to date. Pokémon GO Party. In fact, three events simultaneously ont eu lieu à London (Royaume University), Osaka (Japan) and NY (USA). Or the developers of Pokémon GO He also announced that these previous events contributed to an increase of 235 million euros for local economies.

The extraordinary gifts of Pokémon GO Fest 2023

To give you those extra chiffres, more than 194,000 people are happy to accumulate three events. Enough to generate a profit of 235 million euros, equivalent to 70 million euros of tax revenue. If you catch the event in London Seoul, here it is brockwell park, the local economy received a boost of £46 million, up to €52.8 million. The total amount amounts to £22 million (€25.2 million) in tax revenue.

Payments: more than 50,000 people get paid every day and every day in the city. In total, it represents 34 million Pokemon attracted. 62% of the participants are similar to the outside world. Royaume University, contributing to the benefit of the local economy. It hides the dynamic and attractive characteristics of these events. Tracy Halliwelldirector of tourism, congresses and major events there London and partnersdeclares:

The openness and curiosity of Londoners made the Pokémon GO Fest a great success in our city. The diversity of the London community, the wide variety of seating and the excellent ways of transporting London are an ideal complement to organizing events. We are very excited about the idea of ​​the future Pokémon GO Fest and are working with our partners at Niantic to organize other entertaining events in London.

Details of benefits to the City of London

  • After Statesman, direct instructions from visitors for accommodation, catering, etc. even when the operational details of Niantic ont généré £19.5 million (€22.4 million).
  • £18.5m (€21.2m) of indirect spend relates to the impact on business suppliers sold directly on site.
  • The visitor will pay 430 pounds sterling (494 euros).
  • 49% of participants returned to London within 12 months.

In comparison, the final of the Champions League of the’UEFA 2023 You will have to bring an economic blow of 80 million dollars to the hotel city.Istanbul. How muchEurovisionthat stimulated the regional economy Liverpool at a cost of 66.2 million dollars 2023. Finally, the extraordinary success of the tour. Ages Delaware Taylor Swift to Kansas City This year it did not generate “those” 48 million dollars for the local economy.

For resume, Pokémon GO Party d’August 2023 confirm the impact of these videos on the financial world. For more information, notes on other events, visit this post on the blog Niantic. Please do not visit us as part of your friends in the comments above. GeekNPlay et sur tous nos réseaux sociaux.

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