Pokémon GO: Players suspect that Niantic is eliminating PokéStops

Lately, Pokémon Go players have been debating in social circles and forums about something that has been troubling them for some time: Niantic is unresponsively removing PokeStops.

Pokestops are one of the oldest mechanics in the game and also the most useful.so the players are investigating what is happening.

This user shared the evolution of his play area on Reddit., explaining that it is a rural area and, ultimately, there is a lot of work to do and tackle at a high level; but little by little they added new Pokestops, making them easier. It turns out that little by little the Pokestops of his eldest have been disappearing:

Pokestops are disappearing
byu/Lechonkje in pokemongo

As you can see in the images, over time this player has been looking for Pokestops. and you don’t know what you are doing and you are just in your playing area or other players are also doing the same thing.

Many players have joined the comments ensuring that it is also happening, that at first it was barely noticeable, but now it is something very visible.. I wonder if Niantic gives some kind of explanation for this.

Now let’s not know anything official about this., but we will be careful in any new place. Nintenderos, are you seeing this?

Here is a list of the active codes for the game.

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