Pokémon Latin American International Championship 2024: Marco Silva reaches the final

In the last two days hundreds of players have competed against each other Sao Paulo International Championship 2024 with the aim of defeating opponents and showing who is the best. However, after facing dozens of Pokémon battles, in some They managed to pass and enter the end. Among the players who reached the last phase of the 2024 San Paolo International Championship we will finally also find an Italian: the fortissimo Marco Hemantha Kaludura Silva.

Our compatriot, indeed, after an incredible performance during the Swiss round of the tournament. VGC master’s categoryconcluded with a score of 12 victories and 2 defeats, he got into the Top 8 after the Australian’s disqualification Yuya Tada and then defeated the Costa Rican in the semifinals David Rodriguez with a dominant performance that saw them defeat their opponent 2-0. He has thus earned a place in the final, where he will have to face the Brazilian Thiago Lattanzi and his unexpected Regieleki teratipo Ghiaccio. The match will be played after the final of Pokémon TCGOf Pokémon GO and those Junior AND Senior from VGC and you can follow it live on the official Pokémon Twitch or YouTube channels. Given the presence of other parties before, it’s still not clear when it will air, but, if everything goes according to plan, the right time could be between 18 and the twenty.

This is not Marco Silva’s first great achievement. In fact, despite his young age, he has already participated and achieved incredible positions in all the most important international Pokémon VGC tournaments. Among Marco Silva’s results we find, for example, the victory of the 2020 Oceania International Championship, a Top 8 inNorth American International 2023 and 3 upper cuts ai Regional of 2023.

We will see if he can also achieve victory in these Latin American International Championships using his team composed of Amoonguss, Tornadus, Maniferree, Hisui’s Arcanine, Gholdengo and Urshifu Multihit Style. A coach with many fewer trophies on his board will try to stop him, but that’s not the reason. less scary: Thiago Lattanziwho with his team formed by Ogerpon Forma Pozzo, Regieleki, Indeedee female, Tornadus, Chi-Yu, Crinealato, has so far surprised and eliminated even top-level players such as Riley Bill and Esteban Molina.

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