Pokémon Unite fans argue that a feature would greatly improve Pokémon Go events

With the recent Fashion Week 2023 event in Pokémon Go, some Pokémon Unite fans believe that adding Holowear-inspired outfits to the game could be a big help.

When Pokémon Unite was released, many players were interested in the concept of Holowear. For those who have never played, Holowear are costumes for Pokémon that can be earned or paid for in Unite.

While some Holowear items are simple hats or scarves, many consist of fully designed outfits that add an extra touch of shine to your chosen Pokémon.

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With the recent Pokémon Go Fashion Week 2023 event, many trainers want Niantic to follow Unite’s lead in designing costumed Pokémon in the future.

Pokémon Go fans ask for Pokémon Unite Holowear collaboration

TO mail on the social media platform Pokémon Unite x Pokémon GO collaboration?

The post featured an image with different examples of Holowear in Pokémon Unite, including Berry Style Snorlax, Shrine Style Crustle, and Sacred Style Gardevoir.

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Unlike the stars of the Pokémon Go Fashion Week 2023 event, Dragonite, Wooper, and Quagsire, these Holowear designs are much more elaborate.

Since players are somewhat critical of the Pokémon Go costumes on offer this year, many expressed interest in seeing a collaboration like this during future Fashion Week events.

“I love these! All the ones in the current event aren’t really trendy,” said one player, while another added, “I need Snorlax and Slyveon in my life ASAP. They’re so cute.”

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However, some fans were worried that the trend of expensive Unite cosmetics would carry over to Pokémon Go if this ever happened. “They’re so expensive on Unite that I don’t think they’ll let us catch them for free on PoGo.”

While it seems like many trainers would love to see Pokémon Go have more elaborate costumes like in Unite, the fear of an inflated price may not be worth it.

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