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A sum of $3,800 was found in different parts of the suit that prosecutor Édgar Escobar was wearing when he was murdered on Monday morning, in front of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office building.

This was stated this Tuesday, September 20, by General Víctor Zárate, commander of Zone 8 of the National Police.

“They are connecting the dots to see where they belonged, if the banks were not open at that time. All this is within an investigative process. We are verifying all these edges so that they guide us to determine the probable cause of death, “said Zárate.

Colleagues and colleagues of the prosecutor Édgar Escobar held a sit-in to ask the Government for security and show solidarity with the official’s family

Escobar was killed before 08:00 on Monday with at least seven shots. There are two detainees in the case; one is 16 years old.

The suspects have already been placed in pre-trial detention and isolation, respectively.

The assassinated prosecutor was carrying out some investigations: cases related to drug trafficking and attacks, such as the explosion of the Cristo del Consuelo, which caused the death of 5 people and injured another 18, last Sunday, August 14.

Colonel Henry Herrera, head of the Dinased Zone 8, mentioned that one hypothesis within the investigation is that the order to kill prosecutor Escobar has been released from prison, but that has not yet been confirmed.

“We have spent just 24 hours after the intervention, and from here we hope that all the requirements are already formalized, they are verified; and, once expert, we can give them traceability and be able to determine technical routes, behavior, motivations as well”, said the official. (YO)

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