Police reveal that the body found in Mayagüez with several bullet wounds belongs to a postman from Hormigueros

A veteran of the United States Armed Forces who worked as a postman is the person whose body was found, around 6:00 this Thursday morning, by a citizen on PR-102 in Mayaguezvalidated the Policeman.

The director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of that police region, Joel Gonzalez Ramosindicated to The new day that the preliminary investigation they carried out suggests that Richard José Vega Lugo, 42 years oldwas shot to death and, later, they wrapped his body in a sheet to throw it under a bridge in the El Seco neighborhood on the aforementioned road.

The captain explained that they confirmed that Vega Lugo was killed in the Residential El Carmen of that same town, approximately three hours before the report of the discovery of his body.

“We know that there was an incident around 2:50 in the morning. There was a report of shots fired (in the development) at that time. Later, a citizen passed by the place (PR-102) and saw the body. The report of the corpse was at about five in the morning, about three hours later. And where the body was found is not distant. You can take about two minutes by car”González Ramos described in a telephone interview.

He specified that the call warned of several detonations in said complex. Upon arrival, the agents found several shell casings and a bus with bullet impacts in front of building 17 of said residential.

The bus, which also had traces of blood, was described as a 2014 black Jeep Grand Cherokee, SRT model. The vehicle, which was not listed as stolen, was bought by Vega Lugo days ago, according to the captain.

At the time of this publication, The agents of the Homicide Division did not have a particular reason for this violent death, nor did they indicate any person of interest or suspected of the crime..

González Ramos, however, highlighted that at the scene in the residential they lifted multiple bullet casings of different calibers, for which they theorize that some type of confrontation must have taken place in the place that led to the murder of the postman.

Furthermore, he said that Vega Lugo lived in Hormiguerosso they will also seek to answer what he was doing at that time of the morning in the residential.

This newspaper confirmed that Vega Lugo published yesterday on his Facebook account that he was present at the Arquelio Torres Coliseum, in San Germán, during the second game of the final series of the National Superior Basketball (BSN), between the Athletics and the Bayamón Cowboys.

“If you tell me that they caught him on the highway… but if it happened in the residential, they had to have kidnapped him to take him somewhere and, if it was by order, they would have shot him from car to car or something like that. .. Right now I can’t rule out anything, but I think that some incident arose in the residence last night”, asserted the captain.

“We have to verify what he (Vega Lugo) was doing there (in the residential) at that time of the morning”added while insisting that it is “very difficult” to confirm a motive for the crime at this stage of the investigation.

“The most important thing is that we already know that (the murder) was here, that it was in the residential. There was the scene, work was done and shell casings were lifted, ”he added.

González Ramos requested the cooperation of the population for the development of this investigation. Anyone who has details that can help clarify this case can call (787) 343-2020 or (787) 832-7071where you will be treated confidentially.

The number of murders reported so far this year was 360 until last night, so it does not consider the violent death of the postman in Mayagüez. This figure translates into four fewer cases than those reported for the same date last year.

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