Police seize kititipo in New York due to multiple complaints

The New York police announced the seizure of several loudspeakers “kitotype” installed in vehicles after multiple complaints of unbearable noise in various locations in the city, including Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.

The information was offered by NYPD Patrol Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, who indicated that through the number of complaints 311, you have received several calls reporting the high volume that these teams release.

“You call, you text, you email WE LISTEN! Following numerous noise complaints in the vicinity of 127th Street and 35th Avenue, we seized a vehicle with loud music playing blocks away. Your community is our community!” Maddrey wrote in a tweet.

It is not the first time that the authorities have seized these popular speakers. Last Friday, the police seized another vehicle in the 48th precinct, corresponding to the county of The Bronx, where complaints are even more frequent.

“After a series of complaints from the community about double parked cars playing loud music in the same area, officers from the 48th Precinct set out to fix the situation. As part of that initiative, this car and its speaker system were seized and the driver issued a citation,” the patrol chief denounced.

The kitipo, as they are commonly known, are sound boxes made of wood or glass that are installed in vehicles. Inside, two or multiple speakers are placed that serve to enhance the sound through a high-power amplifier. Depending on how sophisticated or large the speaker is, large amounts of money can be paid for its installation.

The NY Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced earlier this year that it will use in-vehicle sound meters to catch vehicles that violate noise rules set forth in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. and the City Noise Code.

The measure has been taken due to constant complaints about the kitotypewhich are becoming more popular every day in the Big Apple.

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