Policeman runs over and kills a pedestrian, then takes it home. “He wanted to get rid of the body”

Overwhelms and kills a pedestrian on the street but instead of calling for help takes the corpse and takes it home to get rid of it. Louis Santiago, a 25-year-old policeman from Newark, New Jersey, was arrested along with his mother after the police officer’s father, also a policeman, reported.

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The agent, seized by panic, took the body away to try to get rid of it at a later time, trying to escape trial and proceedings against him. The night of the accident Santiago was in a Honda Accord car and was driving home when he ran over and killed a 29-year-old nurse, Damian Dymka. Immediately after the crash, both he and the passenger, the contemporary Albert Guzman, fled without calling for help. Shortly after, however, they returned to the place to understand the gravity of the situation and realized that the pedestrian was now dead.

The 25-year-old returned home and woke his mother by showing her the body and asking for help on how to get rid of it. In the hustle and bustle, however, the father was also awakened and chose to report the incident, forcing his son to tell the agents how things had gone. Mom and son were arrested and are now awaiting trial.

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