political earthquake in Magdalena Andersson’s government

Sweden is back in political crisis after the lightning resignation of the new Social Democratic Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, in office for only seven hours. Thus it seems to have ended, at least for the moment, the executive led by the female prime minister in the history of the Scandinavian country. Its already narrow majority was sunk by the Greens, who pulled out immediately after the budget law wanted by the prime minister had been rejected. Parliament instead approved a version of the budget proposed by right-wing parties.

“Constitutional practice dictates that a coalition government resigns after one party leaves the coalition. I don’t want to be the leader of a government whose legitimacy is called into question, ”Andersson explained in a press conference during which he expressed the hope of being able to be voted again at the helm of the minority executive supported only by the Social Democratic party.

The political day

Today was a very turbulent political day. Andersson was elected after reaching an agreement at the last minute with the Left Party, granting an increase in pensions in exchange for external support. At that point the small Center Party withdrew its budget support, in controversy with the concessions made on the left.

The majority – Social Democrats and Greens – thus did not have enough votes to launch their own budget: the Riksdag room, the Stockholm parliament, instead approved the budget presented by Moderates, Christian Democrats and Swedish Democrats, a far-right party. This caused the Greens to rise up, whose leader Per Bolund – deputy prime minister in the half-day executive – announced that his party could not tolerate a budget law “drafted for the first time together with the far right”. And he took off. Among the complaints, the planned tax cuts on petrol, which in his opinion would have increased harmful emissions, instead of decreasing them.

The consequences

The exit from the majority of ecologists meant the end of the Andersson government. The president of the Riksdag, Andreas Norlen, accepted his resignation and announced consultations with the parties for the next political-parliamentary steps.

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Former Prime Minister Andersson

Andersson, 54, a skilled and determined politician, formerly a rigorous finance minister, was elected with 117 votes in favor, 57 abstentions and 174 against. Not a plebiscite: but according to the Swedish system, a candidate for premier does not need a favorable majority, as long as there is not one against it.

The premier, in early November, had been nominated leader of her social democratic party by acclamation, projecting her towards the historic election as premier, which lasted a few hours. Even if he manages to return to the leadership of the executive, Andersson has an uphill path ahead of him: there are less than ten months to go to the next elections and he will have to govern while the electoral campaign is already underway, with the Social Democrats at an all-time low in the polls. and the fast-growing Swedish Conservative-Democrat bloc.

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