Polk was runner-up in Pollboy Brawl

Polk County kicked off the 2023-24 wrestling season with a solid second-place performance at the second annual Plowboy Brawl at Chase High School on Saturday.

The Wolverines finished behind only Boiling Springs in the 16-team field. Brevard finished third, followed by Woodmont (SC) and East Henderson. The region included all seven Mountain Foothills 7 Conference schools.

Polk had three wrestlers win their weight classes – Aiden Billings at 126 pounds, Jaylen McCraw at 175 and Jadyn Virgil at 215. Virgil won all four of his matches by fall.

Polk’s Jacob Ede (150) and Styler Blackwell (157) each finished second.

The Wolverines will be back in action when they host Chase in a dual match on Tuesday at 5 p.m. The match will be held at Polk County Middle School.

university boys

Quarterfinals – Alexander May(Hendersonville) p. Brody Wolfe (Polk County) (Fall 0:37)
Shortcoming. Round 2 – Brodie Wolfe p. Owen Howard (RS Central) (Fall 0:17)
Shortcoming. Round 3 – Brodie Wolfe p. Chris Morrow (Chase) (Fall 0:58)
Shortcoming. SEMI – Luke Hillers (Boiling Springs) P. Brody Wolfe (Fall 3:50)

the champion. Round 1 – Tristin Sisson (Brevard) d. Amon Villarreal (Polk County), 12-8
Shortcoming. Round 1 – Amon Villarreal p. Jayce Batson (Blue Ridge) (Fall 1:21)
Shortcoming. Round 2 – Amon Villarreal p. Garrett McGinnis (Chase) (fall 1:24)
Shortcoming. Semi – Amon Villarreal P. Peyton Martin (East Gaston) (Fall 4:37)
Third Place Match – Tristin Sisson p. Amon Villarreal (Polk County) (Fall 1:40)

the champion. Round 1 – Aiden Billings (Polk County) p. Parker Stilwell (East Gaston) (Fall 0:00)
Quarterfinals – Aiden Billings p. Kayden Marshall (Patton) (fall 0:18)
Semifinals – Aiden Billings p. Matthew Emory (Boiling Springs) (Fall 0:24)
First Place Match – Aiden Billings p. Landon Morrison (Woodmont) (Fall 2:46)

the champion. Round 1 – Connor Ahlert (Polk County) p. Parker Plekan (Clyde A. Irwin) (Fall 2:02)
Quarterfinals – Connor Ahlert over P. Cooper White (Brevard) 1-2 (fall 1:01)
Semifinals – Adrian Fox (Chase) p. Conner Ahlert (fall 2:39)
Shortcoming. Semi – Alex Lane (East Rutherford) p. Conner Ahlert (Fall 2:13)

Quarterfinals – Maika Hills (Polk County) p. Lasso Keleh (Woodmont) (Fall 1:28)
Semifinals – Porter Allen (East Henderson) p. Myka Hills (Fall 2:48)
Shortcoming. Semi – Cameron Crawford (RS Central) 13-7 Major. December Maika Hills, 10-2

the champion. Round 1 – Jacob Ede (Polk County) p. Isaac Hill (Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy) (Fall 0:57)
Quarterfinals – Jacob ed P. Cavan Sullivan (Patton) (fall 1:58)
Semifinals – Jacob over D. Harrison Brafford (Boiling Springs), 1-0
1st Place Match – Hunter Digh (East Gaston) d. Jacob Ede, 7-2

Quarterfinals – Styler Blackwell(Polk County) p. Jacob Land (Woodmont) (Fall 0:38)
Semifinals – Styler Blackwell p. Jaden Calloway (Owen) (Fall 1:50)
1st Place Match – Jesse Phillips (Brevard) p. Styler Blackwell (Fall 2:00)

Quarterfinals – Devaun Jones(Burns) p. Donte Tingling (Polk County) (Fall 3:34)
Shortcoming. Round 2 – Donte Tingling p. Henry Hamrick (RS Central) (Fall 0:24)
Shortcoming. Round 3 – Jonathan Cortes (Boiling Springs) p. Donte Tingling (Fall 3:00)

Quarterfinals – Jaylen McCraw (Polk County) p. John Moore (Owen) (Fall 3:19)
Semifinals – Zelen McCraw Major. Dec Caleb Clark (Patton), 18-7
1st Place Match – Zalen McCraw d. Carlos Rios (Boiling Springs), 9-6

the champion. Round 1 – Jadin Virgil (Polk County) p. Wyokwon Oh (Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy) (Fall 0:55)
Quarterfinals – Jadin vs. Virgil P. Cameron Bradley (Pursuit) (Fall 0:13)
Semifinals – Jadin Virgil P. Rio Obispo (OWN) (Fall 0:25)
First Place Match – Jadin Virgil P. Kevin Saldana (Hendersonville) (Fall 2:55)

the champion. Round 1 – Lucas Johnson (Polk County) p. Jackson Porch (Patton) (Fall 3:09)
Quarterfinals – Lucas Johnson p. Jesse Bryant (Burns) (fall 1:44)
Semifinals – Colten Riddle (East Henderson) p. Lucas Johnson (fall 0:56)
Shortcoming. Semi – Carter Reeves (Owen) p. Lucas Johnson (fall 0:46)

university girls

Quarterfinals – Grace Settles (Polk County) won by disqualification (DQ) over Madison Hendricks-Rhodes (Chase)
Semifinals – Nicole Mejia (East Henderson) p. Grace Settle (Fall 4:30)
Shortcoming. Semi – Grace Settles p. Mia Roberson (East Henderson) (Fall 2:02)
Third Place Match – Bella Johnson (Boiling Springs) p. Grace Settle (Fall 4:55)

Junior varsity
jv 120

Quarterfinals – Jaxteen Virgil (Polk County) p. Brandon Whistler (Boiling Springs) (Fall 3:40)
Semifinals – Jaxteen Virgil P. Ayden McCloud (Blue Ridge) (Fall 0:35)
1st Place Match – Jaxteen Virgil (Polk County) won by forfeit over Noah Hitch (Boiling Springs) (FF).

jv 120
Quarterfinals – Noah Hitch (Boiling Springs) p. Caleb Barnett (Polk County) (Fall 1:29)
Shortcoming. SEMI – Ayden McCloud (Blue Ridge) P. Caleb Barnett (Fall 0:00)

JV 126
Round 2 – Evan McCraw (Polk County) p. Skylar Pressley (Owen) (fall 0:44)
Round 3 – Evan McCraw p. Asher Baquero (Clyde A. Irwin) (Fall 1:13)

JV 132
Quarterfinals – Thomas Russell(Owen) p. Christian Montejo (Polk County) (Fall 1:43)
Shortcoming. Semi – Miles Scala (Owen) p. Christian Montejo (Fall 1:21)

JV 132
Quarterfinals – Carter Wade (Polk County) p. Jimmerion Makupsan (Boiling Springs) (Fall 3:48)
Semifinals – Carter Wade Major. Dec Miles Scala (Owen), 10-0
1st Place Match – Carter Wade P. Thomas Russell (Owen) (Fall 1:12)

JV 157
Quarterfinals – Benicio Villarreal (Boiling Springs) d. Andres Sanchez (Polk County), 6-2
Shortcoming. SEMI – Camden Weese (East Rutherford) P. Andres Sanchez (fall 0:31)

jv 165
Quarterfinals – Caden VandenPloeg (Polk County) won by forfeit over DeBron Johnson (East Gaston) (FF).
Semifinals – Kaden VandenPloeg (Polk County) d. Sawyer Cromer (Clyde A. Irwin), 10-9
1st Place Match – Caden VandenPloeg (Polk County) won by forfeit over Luke Cope (East Gaston) (FF).

jv 175
Quarterfinals – Zack McCraw (Polk County) p. Tristan Baker (East Gaston) (Fall 2:26)
Semifinals – Demetrius Clark (Boiling Springs) d. Zach McCraw, 2-1
Shortcoming. Semi – Zach McCraw p. Joshua Lawson (Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy) (Fall 0:57)
Third Place Match – Zach McCraw p. Tristan Baker (East Gaston) (Fall 0:42)

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