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Popayán prevents cervical cancer

Popayán prevents cervical cancer.

The Municipal Administration “Creo en Popayán” is carrying out a process of awareness, communication and education with citizens, in commemoration of the World Cervical Cancer Prevention Daywhich is celebrated on March 26.

The health authority of the municipality joins the Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer as a Public Health Problem, adopted by the Health Assembly in 2020. There, a comprehensive approach is recommended to prevent and control this pathology. Actions include interventions throughout life and the promotion and intensification of vaccination. Therefore, the municipality will have this March 25 all health posts enabled to advise and supply the vaccine against human papilloma.

It should be remembered that this disease is the fourth most frequent type of cancer in women worldwide, with an estimated incidence of 604,000 new cases. 90% of these and deaths in 2020 took place in low- and middle-income countries.

Popayán prevents cervical cancer

The Secretary of Health of Popayán, Aura Marcela Zúñiga, expressed: “we extend our gratitude to all the IPS/EPS for the articulated work they carry out for the well-being and care of the female population of the municipality and the department of Cauca (…) to Through different strategies we want to reach the community so that women take care of their health and prevent risk situations”.

The organizations involved are: the EPS/ IPS ESE Popayán, Bios, IPS Inoos, IPS Nueva Popayán, Asmet Salud, Fundación Nacer para Vivir, IPS Rehabilitar.

Finally, Audrey Arcila Velasco, a support professional from the Municipal Health Secretariat, pointed out: “We will carry out this process in the market places of La Esmeralda, Alfonso López and the Bolívar neighborhood, and it is focused not only on educating the population, but also on in guiding them so that they receive the respective medical attention in a timely manner.”

Open call to apply for the Municipal Council of Peace, Reconciliation and Coexistence of Popayán.

Open call to apply for the Municipal Council of Peace, Reconciliation and Coexistence of Popayán

Until next April 18, the social sectors have the opportunity to elect and nominate their representatives before the Municipal Council of Peace, Reconciliation and Coexistence of Popayán; space for participation that was approved by Agreement 012 of October 19, 2022, and must be made up of civil society as an advisory and consultative body of the National Government.

There are 47 seats that are available to be part of this body. The details are stipulated in Resolution 202211000097214 of November 25, 2022.

Open call to apply for the Municipal Council of Peace, Reconciliation and Coexistence of Popayán

“We invite all social sectors to participate in this council, which will allow their voices to be heard not only in the municipal territory, but also before the National Government to build peace scenarios together,” said the Secretary of Government, Isabel Cristina Tobar Zambrano. .

Meanwhile, the Municipal Administration is advancing in the dissemination of the call through different channels, including face-to-face meetings with leaders of organizations that defend human rights, LGBTI, victims of the armed conflict, Asocomunal, and reincorporated; as well as international organizations, officials from the solidarity sector of the economy, social communicators, journalists and citizens in general.


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