Porcelain Skin! Ana Cheri Shows off a Beautiful Complexion on Video

Ana Cheri showed herself from her jacuzzi enjoying a delicious afternoon while showing off her porcelain complexion

The model Ana Cheri shared a striking and peculiar video in her stories showing off a beautiful porcelain skin from the jacuzzi.

Something that characterizes public figures and celebrities like this flirty model is her perfection, whether in photos or videos.

On some occasions, over-editing makes the image a bit false, so Internet users immediately notice it and recriminate it.

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Perhaps that is why on this occasion Ana Cheri decided to show off the skin of her beautiful face, it looks like porcelain, obviously we cannot deny its beauty in the face of such splendorous and captivating close-up.

The sunlight probably helped make her skin look even brighter than normal, yet she still looked beautiful.

It seems that the beautiful businesswoman, model, influencer, and fitness coach was enjoying a relaxing afternoon from her jacuzzi, although it could also be a pool, it really is not very distinguished, you can only see the reflection of the water.

The video was shared by the 35-year-old model through her Instagram stories just a couple of hours ago, although these tend to be deleted in 24 hours now you can enjoy it and watch it as many times as you want.

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