Portrait of Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend comes to light: a woman just like Shakira was sought, they say

Gerard Piqué it seems that yes, that he does have a new love, but the Catalan did not want to go very far and he looked for a woman very similar to Shakira. The program “Sálvame” from Spain, like El Gordo y la Flaca Univision has already shown this portrait and some of the European program find that Shakira looks like Piqué’s new girlfriend.

Under the description of the video shared by said medium on their YouTube channel, they explain the following: “Jordi Martin gave new details about the breakup of the player and the singer -Shakira-, who would have separated due to apparent infidelity. In Spain, the country where the couple resides, an image of which she would be the third in discord was leaked; in addition to the date on which the romance would have started and more.

On the reason why a full-color photograph of Gerard Piqué’s new love has not yet been leaked, they explain that this is because the player has armored his girl so that the media, nor the paparazzi on the prowl, achieve Come to her. They say that Piqué wants to keep her away from public remarks, because they know that if her image becomes public she will never find peace again, since Shakira is one of the most beloved women in the world and in the music industry.

They caught Gerard Piqué with his girl

Since Gerard Pique and Shakira announced their separation, endless rumors have not stopped circulating about the reasons that would have caused their breakup after a decade of living together and two children in common. Until now, the ones that sounded the loudest pointed to an alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer.

This theory would have been confirmed now that the Catalan player has been surprised with the 22-year-old girl with whom he has been linked in recent days and who would have played a key role in the deterioration of his relationship with the Colombian singer, according to Showbiz explains. Now, according to information released by the ‘Mamarazzis’ podcast of El Periódico de Catalunya, the FC Barcelona defender was last Thursday morning in a town on the coast with his “special friend”, a young blonde whom he moment is only identified with the initial C.

The couple were seen in Piqué’s car “in an accomplice and affectionate attitude”. At the moment little, or rather nothing, is known about his companion, beyond the fact that she apparently worked at the exclusive La Traviesa cocktail bar in Barcelona; however, once his identity came to light, he resigned from his employment.

“Her environment wants to protect her. Piqué, too”, they point out from the aforementioned medium. “We don’t know the nature of this relationship, but we do know that it is important enough to the player that they are not seen together. This makes us think that this relationship would continue. In addition, it would be more special than we initially imagined.”

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