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For at least 96 hours, Bogotá will become the most guarded city in Latin America due to the inauguration ceremony of the president-elect Gustavo Petro. But also, due to the confirmed list of guests to the succession of power in Colombia, which includes from King of Spain to a first-level delegation from the U.S. government.

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They already confirmed their attendance Chilean President Gabriel Boric; William Lasso, from Ecuador; Luis Abidaner, from the Dominican Republic; added to those of Paraguay, the Netherlands, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica and Argentina, among others. The foreign ministers of Portugal, Cuba and Serbia will also be present.

King Felipe VI of Spain

King Felipe VI confirmed his attendance.

And the United Kingdom, Japan and Korea will send their diplomatic delegations.

EL TIEMPO established that the United States and Spain are aware of the mega security devicewhich will count with 10 thousand Colombian police and military.

Four security rings have already been enabled, three of them are stationed at the El Dorado International Airport, and on the routes and hotels that the guests will occupy.

Some of them will also attend a farewell dinner with President Ivan Duquescheduled for this Saturday.

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are already enabled 28 security schemes to accompany some leaders who, in any case, will travel with his own security men.

Bogotá Police will use surveillance drones

With the drones, the authorities will be able to monitor different sectors of the city in real time.


Archive / WEATHER

Drones, helicopters and snipers

Jungle Commandos

A thousand Special Forces commandos will support surveillance.


Carlos Ortega / THE TIME.

In addition to the 10,000 uniformed officers that the Police had to guard the city (initially there were going to be 7,052), there will be one thousand special operations commandos and intelligence agent located in high (snipers) and strategic parts of the city.

In addition, they will be flying over the city permanently three helicopters and several surveillance drones.

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The other security rings will concentrate on Bolivar Square Y a hundred blocks around that polygon.

One of them, led by General Eliécer Cabacho, commander of the Metropolitan Police, will be the closest to Petro. The others will be led by the general Ricardo Alarcón, director of Antinarcotics.

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