Possible romance between Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper

The rumors about a possible romance between Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are getting stronger, with several sources close to the famous model confirming that for a few weeks she has been enjoying quality time with the famous actor.

According to sources close to the model, there will be a romance between Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper

And despite the age difference between the couple, this is not an obstacle for both of them to give love a chance, because as commented by a journalist from People Magazine, who keeps a close eye on celebrities, Gigi I like it. I would love to be able to date a man who is a father and understands my position as a mother. Furthermore, she believes that Cooper is a far more mature person, unlike her previous partners.

As revealed by people close to his social circle, the former partner of singer Zayn Malik, with whom she has a daughter, is quite selective about his relationships, which is why many claim that he and Bradley date and Meetings are wrong. It will be about something more than friendship and will respond to an interest that goes far beyond just spending time together.

Rumors continue to grow about a possible courtship of Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper

Another fact that came to light thanks to the magazine’s informant is that they have agreed and decided to start dating, this is largely due to the fact that they have been watching motherhood and fatherhood together for many years. Share similarities and methods.

“They both have kids, great careers, busy lives and understand what life is like in these areas. “It’s beautiful… and it’s got charm,” the source tells People.

Let us remember that the first speculations in which they claimed that the actor and the model could consider the idea of ​​maintaining a relationship occurred at the beginning of last October, after the two were seen having dinner at the famous Via Carotta restaurant, in the West Village, and eventually sharing the same vehicle.

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