Post workout pain? Grandma’s Remedies That Really Work

Let’s see better together how we can improve the pains that come from the muscles with a fantastic remedy.

You have started going back to the gym because the summer is approaching? It is therefore possible that your muscles are starting to ache.

But what can we do to avoid taking too many medicines and getting sick if we do nothing?

Sore muscles?  Grandma's Remedies That Really Work
Sore muscles? Grandma’s Remedies That Really Work (pixabay)

We want you today propose some remedies that always work and that will leave you speechless for the effect.

Muscles and aches? Here are the remedies that work

Let’s start by saying that preparing herbal teas is always good and is also a relaxing ritual, but there are some remedies, so-called grandmother’s that can also help us a lot.

Obviously, always consult your doctor, if you can do it, because maybe in your specific case it is absolutely not good, indeed!

And if we have a problem that persists, we pay attention and investigate the reason that triggered it, maybe it’s not that trivial after all.

Eg, sulfur is very useful for the health of our muscles and bones because it contains two important amino acids.

Its deficiency can lead to pain or inflammation of the bones or muscles, our body would need about 850 mg per day.

We can then prepare a sulfur-based syrup by infusing boiling water with a teaspoon of sublimated and washed sulfur.

But we can also prepare an infusion with licorice root and some dried senna leaves.

We can too add some fennel powder and a few mint leaves, remember that the infusion should last about 10 minutes.

Another soothing syrup, which can help our intestines, is based on flax seeds, which have emollient properties and help us keep blood sugar under control.

Their they have no particular contraindications but are not recommended if we are pregnant.

To do this infusion we must leave to infuse a tablespoon of flax seeds for about an hour, so that all its properties are extracted.

Sore muscles?  Grandma's Remedies That Really Work
Sore muscles? Grandma’s Remedies That Really Work (pixabay)

Once then boil the water and after we have turned off the heat, add the mint, fennel and ginger.

This syrup, in addition to helping us with pain it is also very energizing which never hurts.

If we want to consume it 3 times a day it is possible to do so but we never exceed this recommended dose.

AND we remind you again that before deciding to try this remedy to relieve our pains, we always talk to the doctor first, indicating what we want to do and what problems we have, we never do our own thing!

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