postponing the co-op was the right decision, for 343 Industries –

Joseph Staten, creative lead of 343 Industries, in an interview with IGN talked about the reasons behind the postponement of the co-op campaign from Halo Infinite. A decision that apparently was taken with a lot of pain, given that it is an aspect very dear to the players, but which was in his opinion right, given that it allowed the development team to focus their efforts on other aspects most important.

As you probably already know, the Halo Infinite co-op was previously scheduled to run alongside Season 2. As Season 2 has been postponed, the co-op campaign will also not arrive until May 2022, so at least 5 months after its in-store debut. of the game.

“I work on Halo, but I’m also a Halo fan. And the co-op campaign is essential. Playing Halo with your friends is a key part of the series, regardless of whether it’s multiplayer or campaign. So postpone the campaign. co-op was very, very difficult, “says Staten. “But it shows the firm’s commitment to delivering only quality experiences, even when it’s difficult and it hurts. If we don’t keep the bar high, if we don’t strive to achieve excellence, I don’t think we’re doing our job in right way. And the simple truth was that the co-op wasn’t ready. And we decided to focus our efforts on other areas. ”

Staten states that these “other areas” include theoptimize Halo Infinite for all platforms on which it will come, from the high-end PC up to the standard Xbox One.

“That was a more important goal than publishing the co-op. It’s difficult. But I think when faced with those two choices, in a consumer-centered mindset, it’s clear which one you should choose, even if it hurts.”

Staying on the Halo Infinite theme, the Fracture: Tenrai event for the multiplayer beta is available since yesterday, with various bonuses and cosmetic items to unlock.

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