Pour The Last of Us Season 3 With Abby On The Poster

HBO’s The Last of Us features Ellie and Abby’s stories separately.


  • HBO series Last of us separate stories from Ellie and Abby.
  • The Pourrait series is designed for two or three seasons, only from the creators.
  • Abby, a complex character, brings her own season to the table.
  • The game’s narrative structure was retained in the television adaptation.

A bold television adaptation

Following the announcement by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman that The Last of Us Part 2 It will be adapted in two or three seasons for HBO, and fans will voice their skepticism. Plus, “A Rich Story and a Complex Game” and “Abby’s Goal” offer enough material to justify your decision.

Abby, part of the story

Abby, introduced as a despicable antagonist, will demonstrate the depth of character in her fur and show that this discovery is already history. This transformation of the character, savamment orchestra in the game, pourrait être mise en valeur grace à une saison entière lui étant consacrée.

Emotional game in balance

The television adaptation challenges the fair passerby among the audience to show empathy for Abby, like the game and parven. Viewers who want them to understand and remember the compassion for these complex characters.

A Place for Kaitlyn Dever

By giving Abby the entire season, actress Kaitlyn Dever, who personifies the character, wants to suggest a central place in the series. Ce choix udacieux permettrait de mettre en avant le fait qu’Abby n’est pas qu’un simple antagoniste dans l’histoire d’Ellie, mais qu’elle est aussi l’heroine de sa propre histoire.

What are you thinking?

With the world watching video games and influencing popular culture, this bold adaptation The Last of Us Part 2 This is an interesting initiative. Elle pourrait permettre à un public plus a large collection of this complex story and emotions. However, le défi sera de Taille pour parvenir à transmettre les émotions et l’ambivalence des personnages que le jeu a su si bien créer.

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