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Every 4th of July is National Rural Doctors Day. They often travel great distances and ensure that they fulfill a task that is recognized for each patient.

Every 4th of July is celebrated National Day of rural doctors and doctorsand professionals who put their knowledge at the service of their populations, often traveling great distances, recognize that they fulfill “a social and humanitarian function that is widely recognized by each one of the patients”, whom they get to know in depth, more than in the cities.

“We work a lot in the social sphere, which is not the case in the big cities, because sometimes the reality of the patient is not known and we know everything,” said pediatrician and rural doctor Yudith Villarreal. “We have to deal with different realitiesespecially with the social reality in which the patient and his family are immersed,” he added.

The generalist rural doctor Rosana Roldán. Photo: Telam

For her part, the rural general practitioner Rosana Roldan explained that “many times with little we do a lot and we can save lives, and those are the rewards to work in rural areas”.

The doctors Yudith and Rosana work from seven in the morning and every day is different in the extensive territory of the interior of Santiago del Estero. Rurality in the province is a particular characteristic. Each town, each place is different and even each family has its own reality and they know every detail.

Rosana is 49 years old and has been a general practitioner for 22 years. She is also the current director of the hospital in Nueva Esperanza, in the north of the province of Santiago. “I chose to be a rural doctor and I always say it with pride“, he remarked and added that “we provide a solution to those people who are in the interior far from a big city”, he said.

“Sometimes, after traveling through those roads of difficult access, to reach patients who need to be treated, it is very gratifying and for that I give thanks, because the doctor is an instrument of God to be able to help people, to be able to cure and heal an ailment,” he emphasized.

It is a pleasure for me to go inside“, she said and in this regard she maintained that it is a joy “to be able to reach the different places, carry out health operations, child check-ups, complete vaccination schedules, prenatal check-ups and attend to the population in general”. But she is not alone, and highlights its team made up of health agents, obstetricians and nurses.

“Being a director and a rural doctor implies management, accompaniment with my peers, my hospitable family, being there for the patient,” said Dr. Rosana, and did not hesitate to indicate that “today I am happy with all the advances we have had in our region in order to have a better quality of care for the patient”.

Although Nueva Esperanza is the main city in the north of Santiago, Dr. Roldán travels every week to towns such as San José del Boquerón, El Mojón, El Bobadal, among other places where there are not many families.

“During these more than 20 years of medical I have reached places where a doctor has never been beforeFor example, in the town of La Soledad, which is about 120 km from Nueva Esperanza, being able to provide care is a great joy and that is why I am always grateful to life and to God for my profession,” she exemplified. Her patients are like her When they get sick, they mobilize her not only as a doctor, but also as a family member.

One of the cases that moves her is that of Lucas, a 5-year-old boy from the town of El Quemado. “Two months ago he suffered an accident in which his house caught fire and Lucas was inside it. We thought he was not going to survive.”

He acted quickly, because the place of his residence was very long distances. Due to the seriousness of his condition, he was transferred to the Garrahan hospital, where “days ago I was able to go see him,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“Today, Lucas is very close to returning home,” and “those are the rewards” because “many times with little we do a lot and we can save lives,” he emphasized.

The doctor Yudith VillarrealIn addition to being a rural doctor and pediatrician, she is the director of the Brea Pozo hospital, her hometown, about 70 kilometers from the capital city.

She completed her specialty in Pediatrics at the National University of Córdoba, but in 2001 she decided to return to Brea Pozo to offer a bit of her knowledge and her social sensitivity.

She gets up very early. At seven in the morning she is already in the hospital. In addition to doing all the administrative things, she carries out health checks on the children, since she is the only pediatrician on site.

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