‘Prada Beauty’ launches its first makeup and skincare line

Prada introduced the world to his newborn: Prada Beauty, That’s right, the luxury brand now even has its own skin care and makeup line, which has become everything we need to look our best.

Harnessing the power of skin customization technology, Augmented Skin Range Enhances the skin’s innate immunity to renew, regenerate and strengthen itself. prada color reinvents self-reinvention as a new form of self-expression, showcasing a wide selection of colors and textures inspired by the brand’s vision and inspiration. performed together, The respective skin care and makeup collections combine minimalism and maximalism, sophistication and fun, simplicity and versatility, Drawing inspiration from both heritage and technology for formulas and packaging that bring luxury and responsibility into harmonious conversation.

For example, Prada ParadoxThe perfume they launched in 2022 with Emma Watson’s face on it quickly took over the charts and social media as fans of the brand showed off its pretty triangular bottle.

Now, The beauty line reflects a similar design, with triangular eye shadow and lipstick ‘bullets’, plus luxury cream pots, all in reflective, futuristic silver packaging.

Also, this time the product Made using rare plant extracts Within its intelligent Adapto.Gen technology to help protect the skin from aggressors. sure success.

“Abandoning all the stereotypes of the past, we believe that today’s beauty is a symbol of individuality, independence and confidence. “It transforms into an eye palette with unexpected shades of eggplant, aqua blue, and of course, Barbie pink,” the brand said in a statement.

Beauty team led by makeup artist Lynsey Alexander and 3D artist Ines Marzat, gained access to Prada’s collection of 27,000 fabrics and prints to design color collections and ensure continued dialogue between the brand’s beauty and fashion categories. “They sent me everything in terms of saffiano leather textures, nylon fabric samples, archival prints,” Alexander said in the statement. “I basically turned my house into a Prada catalog of sorts.”

Prada is beauty Available from this 1st August To buy on the Prada website,

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