Precision medicine advances the treatment of gynecologic cancer and infectious diseases

The personalized and precision medicine It continues to be developed in Andalusia with the aim of reaching the entire population. Universal, free and equitable, That is the final goal pursued by all the researchers who advance every day in the evolution of what is known as medicine of the 21st century. At the moment, precision medicine is “in a initial and yet advanced phase“. At the inauguration of the Andalusian Training Program in Personalized and Precision Medicine, some of the latest progress was made known.

“Our genome predisposes or conditions us to suffer from certain diseases, and if we are capable of detecting this predisposition or alteration in our genome, we will be able to address it by doing very early diagnoses and even beginning to act at the genetic level“, explained the Deputy Minister of Health and Consumption, Miguel Angel Guzmanduring the inauguration of this training program.

Thus, precision medicine takes care of “seek the molecular diagnosis of diseases. Science is capable of outlining much more and going to the genomic level, to the origin, where some part of the DNA has varied to cause the disease, “transfers Guzmán. And it is in this line that hundreds of researchers are working: “The precision medicine requires a journey, it is something that we are developing and implementing at the same time,” says isaac tunisiageneral secretary of Public Health and R+D+i in Health.

At the moment, numerous patients already benefit from it week after week. From the very beginning, precision medicine was applied to all lung cancer, endometrial cancer, pediatric tumors or early breast cancer. However, its use has been extended to sequence other types of tumors and heart, digestive, respiratory diseases… “It is a new medicine that arrives for each person. It is based on genomic and metabolic alterations in tumors and different diseases that lead to targeted treatments that have managed to make the disease chronic,” he says. Jose Antonio OrtegaManaging Director of the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital.

Personalized and precision medicine continues to develop in Andalusia with the aim of reaching the entire population. IT

Thus, each patient receives a individualized and specific treatment. In this sense, Isaac Túnez affirms that “right now we are designing the Personalized and Precision Medicine Plan of the Public Health System of Andalusia and there are marked the main lines of milestones that must be achieved and how they are going to be introduced in the SAS”.

Training program in Precision Medicine

The Ministry of Health and Consumption and the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) have presented today at the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital the Andalusian Precision Medicine Training Program (PANMEP) taught as a UNIA university expert degree. In this second edition, the Andalusian Health Service, the Progress and Health Foundation, through IAVANTEand the pharmaceutical company janssen.

On this occasion, the training program will pay special attention to treatment of gynecological cancer and infectious diseases in this new discipline that analyzes the patient’s genetics, environment and lifestyle in order to achieve both a diagnosis and a personalized treatment for each specific patient.

In addition, professionals will delve into clinical aspects of biology and molecular diagnosis; investigation of biomarkers; its specific application to the aforementioned pathologies and will carry out a practical training in technologies such as massive sequencing or biocomputing. The program also includes contents to help the decision making through the management and interpretation of genomic data, the application of artificial intelligence systems for the analysis of this data and the ethical, legal and social aspects health professionals face in the application of this new medical branch.

The inauguration was in charge of the Vice Minister of Health and Consumption, Miguel Angel Guzmanaccompanied by the Secretary General of Public Health and R+D+i in Health, isaac tunisiathe director of the International University of Andalusia in Malaga, Concha Travesedo, the regional director of institutional relations of Janssen, Juan Martinez and the managing director of the hospital itself, Jose Antonio Ortega.

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