pregnant with Tom Holland? The actress speaks for the first time

Zendaya : the actress finds herself at the heart of a rumor announcing that she would be pregnant with her companion, actor Tom Holland. She answered !

Is Zendaya expecting her first child?

Tom Holland is more fulfilled than ever since he is in a relationship with Zendaya. But, inevitably, this stirs up the jealousy of some detractors. The latter have found nothing better than to make fun of… his size! And yes, the actor is smaller than his darling and we keep reminding him. He is 1m73 and the pretty brunette is 5 centimeters taller. Except that it absolutely does not bother the couple who met during the filming of the film Spiderman: No Way Home.

Besides, Zendaya and Tom – who bought a huge house together – have already responded to criticism. During the Spiderman press conference, Zendaya explained: “My mother is taller than my father. My mother is taller than anyone. “. For his part, Tom Holland (who is fulfilled sexually) is aware that he is not so tall: “Every girl we tried out for the role was taller. Not one was smaller than I am. To be honest, I’m quite short. “. Nothing too serious for the two lovers! If they have been talking about them in recent days, it is because Internet users are convinced that Zendaya is pregnant!

The actress has spoken out about the rumour!

This rumor has gained enormous momentum on the web. Where is she from ? From the tiktok trend “Krissed”, which aims to make Internet users believe a completely false story. So netizens posted a fake ultrasound of Zendaya, suggesting that it is she who would have published it. These images have gone viral and comments have multiplied: “Zendaya is pregnant? I’m so happy for her”, “It will be the most beautiful baby in the world”, “I can’t believe that Zendaya is pregnant, it’s the news of the century!”.

Zendaya: pregnant with Tom Holland? The actress speaks for the first time

Very quickly, the Euphoria actress denied this rumor on her Instagram account. “You see now, that’s why I’m staying off Twitter. People invent things every day », she said. A way for the darling of Tom Holland to deny this information. Zendaya is therefore not pregnant! Besides, we told you that Giuseppa was perhaps about to get pregnant.

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