Premature birth rate recorded at 8% in La Nación/Paraguay

In Paraguay, approximately 8% of newborns are born prematurely annually, And it is one of the main causes of mortality. World Prematurity Day, which is observed on this day, aims to raise awareness about prematurity and its challenges, as well as honor the brave warriors who fight from the first moment of their lives.

In A total of 524,238 births were registered in Paraguay in the last five yearsAccording to data provided by the Ministry of Public Health through the Vital Statistics Information Subsystem (SSIEV), 47,052 of these were premature births, a rate of 8%.

According to experts, premature babies often face significant challenges in their development and health, which require intensive care and special attention right from the beginning. “That’s why we always We urge pregnant women to get themselves checked Prenatal testing, since it helps detect any anomalies in the conception process, which are a high risk for both the mother and the baby,” said Dr. María Esther Gómez of the National Hospital of Itaguaí.

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Various factors may contribute to the occurrence of premature birth, including: Gestational Diabetes and Preeclampsia, characterized by high blood pressure during pregnancy. When the presence of preeclampsia is diagnosed in a pregnant woman, a series of measures are implemented to manage the condition. These measures include complete rest, more frequent checkups, and the recommendation of a low-salt diet to control blood pressure.

“As a society, we can further change by educating ourselves about premature birth, and supporting organizations dedicated to the research and care of these little fighters. Show empathy for families facing this experience”Dr. Gomez reflected.

Like every year Association of Parents of Premature Children Paraguay In addition to an outdoor meeting, educational and awareness-raising activities were prepared through social networks, where parents of premature babies would celebrate their children and bear witness to their lives and struggles. It starts tomorrow, Saturday, at 4:30 pm in the Plaza de los Heroes in the city of Capiata.

Prematurity, defined as birth before 37 weeks of gestation, is a global phenomenon affecting millions of infants and their families. This special day seeks to raise awareness in the society about the importance of understanding, preventing and treating premature birth as well as provide support to parents who face the emotional and physical experience of having a premature baby. We do.

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