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In touch, sometimes close to the ball possession record Premier League (86 percent), and “Gardiolism” is at the peak of popularity, Manchester put the finishing touches on 2023 historical with a brilliant victory over Sheffield Uniteddefeated 2-0 with many of Rodri Hernandez and from Julian Alvarez which helped the “city dweller” to fall behind the leader by two points, Liverpool.

After an impressive 2023, City have one game left to end the year and bounce back last tribute to his fans. On the field, he showed off his five brand new trophies (Champions League, FA Cup, European Super Cup, Premier League and Club World Cup.) to show off your strength before taking on your ideal opponent, getting your annual CV and saying goodbye to a party of good football.


Manchester City are finishing a year full of success.

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They had the second-most successful team in Premier League history after the first 19 days. Sheffield United, bottom of the table with 47 goals conceded, just three fewer than Burnley in the Nineties, were good hunting ground for the team’s players. Pep Guardiolawho also had Kevin De Bruyne on the bench after being out for several months due to a hamstring injury.

So the scenario seemed perfect. Party, celebrating another year. It was a good story to end an almost perfect year and start 2024 from scratch and as close as possible to the leader, Liverpool. He Manchester City could end 2023 two points behind Jurgen Klopp’s side and with this idea he rushed out onto the field.


Kevin De Bruyne is more good news for Pep Guardiola.

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Manchester City too much for Sheffield United

For the first forty minutes he berated Sheffield, who had no nose for the ball and were at times on the verge of having the dubious honor of being the underdog of a team that He broke the record for possession of the ball in a Premier League match. Across sections, City beat Liverpool’s record of 86 per cent, while Sheffield saved the first goal with a lead late in the first act, reducing City’s stats to less stratospheric figures.

While Guardiola’s side were absolutely dominant at the time, the reality is that there were only three occasions. One of Julian Alvarez at the beginning (shot close to the post), Rodri Herandez goal in twenty minutes and then try again Bernard Silva who met with a saving hand from Fotheringay.

Only Rodri was on target, with a spectacular back-foot finish from outside the box to open up Sheffield’s lock and allow his teammates to play with less worry. Was it eighth per calendar year. Another example of the Spanish midfielder’s great year, a key player in Pep Guardiola’s team, who always lost when Rodri was out of the squad due to injury or suspension.

City’s excellence, capped by Rodri’s goal, gave way in the final five minutes of the first act as Sheffield woke up to equalize with just two games in a row. Osula starred in both. The first was a blow to the center of Bogle from the right, which was parried by Akanji at the last moment. And the second – in the corner, following his first attempt, a header that ended up in the hands of Ederson.

This growth spurt was a mirage for Sheffield. Never before had he felt a target so close. City did not allow this to happen and Guardiola, making a substitution early in the second half, provided the finishing touch that decided the match. Grealish came on, Bobb came in and the second goal came in the game in the second. Bobb passed the ball between the lines to Foden, who in turn helped Julian Alvarez so the Argentine striker ended the game with a strike at will in the 61st minute.

The shock ended there. All that remained was to know how the party would end. More goals, more possession, more dominance or more of anything positive could have fallen to Manchester City. The bottom player was not even expected after the verdict. The party continued with good football. City didn’t take their foot off the gas pedal, didn’t stop pressingFoden was able to score with two tries which were stopped by Fotheringay and the end of the match served to end an impressive year for City in the best possible way, with victory tasted good and with Oasis’ “Wonderwall” playing over the PA system on Etihad Stadium Is there a better ending? Probably no.

Manchester City – Sheffield United: minute by minute of the Premier League match

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