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All the news that will arrive on the platform is already known AppleTV+ in the month of April 2022. And, as usual, if there is something that characterizes them, it is the good quality they offer. We tell you everything you can enjoy as a premiere in the service of the Cupertino company.

One of the things that stands out this month is that the company is not launching any new premiere movies, so all you are going to find are series of its own production. In them you will find the participation of highly prestigious actors such as Gary Oldman or Nikola Kidmanwho put their grain of sand to obtain creations that are excellently made.

The new series that lead to Apple TV + in April

The first to be released is Slow Horses, which will be available on day one (two episodes will be available to then deliver one weekly until reaching six). Based on a novel by Mick Herron, it tells the story of some British Mi5 agents who have to solve different cases that are happening and have a common link to achieve a really hair-raising final climax.

The series premieres on April 8 Pinecone & Pony. It is intended for children, tells the story of a girl who knows the different ways to become a warrior (always with a casual tone of comedy and without being a problem when children see the creation). It consists of eight chapters and the production runs hand in hand with DreamWorks Animation.

Another of the great arrivals on Apple TV + in April 2022 is the series Roar. Starring Nicole Kidman, it opens on the 15th and lasts for eight chapters. It seeks to show in a clear way and sometimes as a comedy, what the world is like for women today. Problems of all kinds will have to be overcome by the different actresses that appear, where stars like Cynthia Erivo or Issa Rae are not lacking.

By the end of the month, specifically on the 29th, the arrival of the series is expected Shining Girls. It highlights the participation of the protagonist of the series The Handmaid’s Tale (Elisabeth Moss), who plays the role of a newspaper archivist who forms a partnership with a reporter to solve an assault. A full-fledged thriller that is sure to follow each and every one of its eight chapters.

A documentary series that is special

Basketball lovers can’t miss They call me Magic. In the different chapters that the creation has, it is shown how the life of one of the great stars that have stepped on the NBA has been: “Magic” Johnson. The player will narrate how his career was in the Los Angeles Lakers and the many things he achieved and the less attractive episodes such as his withdrawal due to HIV. A good way to see what the stars of the US professional basketball league are really like.

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