Premieres of the week: The premieres arrive with the jury prize in Venice and the latest from George Clooney and Julia Roberts

The accused
Yvan Attal
french drama
Alexandre meets the daughter of his mother’s new partner and the next day she files a complaint against him for rape, this destroys the harmony of his powerful family and launches a media lawsuit.

the buco
Michelangelo Frammartino
Venice Film Festival: Special Jury Prize
In August 1961, cavers in the flourishing north of Italy discover one of the deepest caves in the world, the Abyss of Bifurto, under the gaze of an old shepherd, the only witness to virgin territory.

journey to paradise
Ol Parker
George Clooney and Julia Roberts
A divorced couple come together and travel to Bali to prevent their lovesick daughter from making the same mistake they did in their day, on this trip they will discover the sweet and surprising taste of second chances.

my emptiness and me
Adrian Silvestre
drama about transsexuality
After being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, Raphi will begin an arduous journey to assume her true identity, people she meets will give her their own advice, but only time will help her find her place.

And this… whose is it?
Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud
french comedy
Annie and Laurent live an example marriage and together with their four children they are a happy family, but the discovery of a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom will destroy the beautiful harmony.

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