Prepaid, on alert after changes in the private medicine system

(CNN Radio Argentina) – Businessman Claudio Belocopittchairman of the Swiss Medical Group, spoke on Friday at CNN Radio about the changes in the private medicine system and said that “the difficulties that the sector has are repeated throughout Argentina as a result of inflation.”

In Summer CNN, with Willy Kohanthe businessman recalled that “Last year it had been established that the prepaids increase their fees based on an index and it worked for the increases in June, August and December and it was necessary to define how it would continue in 2023”.

“The authorities defined that this model should be followed with the exception of generating a segment of the population that the government defined as lower income that have a different update rate”, he commented.

and explained that in the case of private medicine “there is no subsidy as in the case of electricity and gas. The difference is made by the private sector”.

“We accept this situation temporarily because the 2023 schedule had to be defined. But it will be sustainable as long as the evolution of these indices are even as history shows,” he clarified.

For this reason, Belocopitt maintained that if everything is managed within the normal rails, the system could continue for a while to get out of this problem of excessive inflation.

“The second element is that the registrations to have this subsidy are correct,” he warned.

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