Preparing for Halloween: Dracula in the movies

Dracula by Christopher Lee.

The term “vampire” began to appear documented in Europe in the 18th century, the most recognized spectral figure is of Slavic origin and is more rooted in the idea of ​​a corpse that comes back to life; But the myth is made up of many elements: darkness and shadow as a place where the unknown resides, the association with blood, the fear of diseases, hunting and above all man’s attraction to eternal life.

As we said, the most recognized person in the West is a person of Eastern European descent, and that’s where he appears DraculaA character who entered deeply into the collective imagination and with whom many people attribute vlad tepes, a historical figure known as The Impaler. But Bram Stoker (the creator of the original novel) was based on other writers, at a time when they co-existed Arthur Conan Doyle And edgar allan poe,

The first adaptation of this character is one of the most recognized works in the history of cinema, but that’s a falsification: we’re talking Nosferatu ,Nosferatu, a symphony des groins1922), a film that survived despite the fact that all original copies were ordered to be burned due to complaints by its heirs. stoker, director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau It takes the structure of the novel but changes a few things; it was ahead of its time audiovisually.

Dracula ,Dracula) from 1931 and directed by todd browning (like weird the devil) was the film that defined the image of the vampire throughout the West: tall, with a cape, sharp teeth, keen eyes, hunger for blood, lack of reflection in mirrors, sleeping in coffins and fear of the sun. bela lugosi When a character is named he quickly becomes the first one that comes to mind.

Professor Van Helsing Jr. (Peter Cushing) rescues his granddaughter (Stephanie Beecham) from the vampire Count (Christopher Lee), who is brought back to the present by the London hippies.

Dracula ,terror of dracula1958) is a revival of the myth in an era marked by production company films hammer filmsAnd the Count of Transylvania was no exception. terence fisher Taking charge of films along with direction, which became a healthy habit frankenstein, the mummyor even cases of Sherlock Holmes, Two symbols in the hero: christopher lee like a vampire and peter cushing As Van HelsingBoth will repeat again and again.

DraculaOf Bram Stoker ,Bram Stoker’s Dracula1992) became a reconstruction of the myth for a new generation by adding figures such as gary oldman In the count’s skin, Keanu Reeves Like Jonathan Harker, Winona Ryder like mina mare, anthony hopkins like van helsing and Monica Bellucci Like one of the brides. A Gothic and monumental masterpiece, a high-budget ballad whose direction had a lot to do with Francis Ford Coppola,

To conclude, three lightweight options: dracula 2000 (2000) is not only a very strange film to watch but also Gerard Butler Like vampires, but also because of the character’s origin and his relationship to someone from the Bible; Van Helsing: The Monster Hunter ,Van Helsing2004) was a song based on nonsense and bad visual effects, directed by stephen sommers (which he made years ago Mother, While in the third part of bladecall out blade Trinity (2004) We see a version consistent with the times dominic purcell,

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