Presence of cases raise concern for collective health

Although society should not be alarmed by what some diseases that are manifesting themselves in the country at this time individually represent, these are simultaneous incidents that make it necessary to activate preventive behaviors against virus transmissions and to strengthen the ability to react without delay towards medical assistance.

The suddenly rising number of people infected with covid-19 With a now higher daily positivity (14.26%), it commits to focus on the fluctuations of ups and downs that characterize the disease worldwide, which for the moment remains limited to a few places in the national territory.

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The dengue reports in season they may not be epidemiologically important from the criteria of specialists; but it is enough that 8,340 cases and 42 deaths have occurred to put the community on notice for the elimination of propitious sources.

The return to teaching multiplies the proximities that have spread in the child population more than one virus that generates respiratory infections, including influenza, with cyclical attacks and a greater threat to the unvaccinated. Taking advantage of the immunization provided by the State is a prevention that must be resorted to promptly.

The cholera that plagues the nearby Haiti of migrations has had two recent demonstrations on this side, which forces us to redouble effective measures against its local spread.

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