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The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, confirmed through his Twitter account the dismissal of Generals Freddy Goyes and Giovanni Ponce from the police institution.

In addition, the president pointed out that he has asked the police commanders to make their positions available, presenting their respective casualties.

The police institution has been at the center of the controversy after the disappearance of lawyer María Belén Bernal at the Superior Police School, where her husband, Lieutenant Germán Cáceres, the main suspect in the case, worked as an instructor.

At Lasso’s request, General Fausto Salinas, commander of the National Police, indicated that next Monday they will make their charges available.

“We assume that any decision that contributes to overcome this difficult moment will be the correct decision. Today is the time for gestures of honor and trust that promote a better horizon, ”she said on social media.

On Wednesday of this week, the remains of the 34-year-old woman were found buried on the Casitagua hill, near said police training center. The Government confirmed the event as a femicide.

The alibi of Germán Cáceres, his escape on a BMW motorcycle and his exchange of calls with cadets

The Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, indicated that the National Police was ordered to prepare a report and request the Prosecutor’s Office to link and preventive detention of those who are in administrative proceedings, “because they committed infractions by omission and have a level of responsibility ”, he wrote on his Twitter account this week.

In the case of the lawyer from Quito, there are twelve open administrative proceedings against an equal number of soldiers. They could be linked to the process and have preventive detention. There is currently one cadet in custody.

The official has emphasized that it is necessary to make a profound transformation in the educational and professional spheres.

“With the support of international organizations, we will work on the curriculum, with respect to DD. H H. (human rights) and a gender approach,” said the Secretary of State on Twitter.

‘This is a crime that happened at the Superior Police School. They took my daughter from me,’ says mother of María Belén Bernal

The funeral of María Belén Bernal took place this Friday morning in the Monteolivo cemetery, in the north of Quito.

The victim’s mother blames the police for her daughter’s crime. A multitude of relatives, friends and social groups accompanied the march to the churchyard chapel, where a mass was celebrated to bid Bernal farewell. “Not one less, long live we love each other,” shouted the people who sympathized with the bereaved. (YO)

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