President Gustavo Petro revealed that the crime of the Paraguayan prosecutor Pecci was committed by the Uruguayan narco Marset

The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, revealed that the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, which took place in Colombia (on an island of Barú) on May 10, was committed by the Uruguayan drug trafficker Marset. The conclusion of the authorship of the crime was quoted by Petro from a portal called

“The Uruguayan Sebastián Marset was identified as the one who ordered the death of the Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci, murdered in May on the island of Barú, in the Colombian Caribbean, during his honeymoon last May. One of his murderers confessed the origin of the crime, ”says that portal.

And it goes further: “Marset, 31, associated with the First Uruguayan Cartel and head of a criminal organization in Paraguay dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering, one of the intellectual authors of the crime, He has been a fugitive from Uruguayan and Paraguayan justice since he received a passport from the Uruguayan government.”.

In addition, through his Twitter account, the Colombian president warned that drug lords have increased their criminal level by crossing borders and become a problem that is no longer regional, but global.

In the same way, the head of state indicated that many years ago it ceased to be an obvious binational problem between Colombia and the United States, to become a headache in other latitudes, hanging as an example the specific case of the homicide of the Paraguayan judicial official, Pecci.

“The investigation into the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci committed by Uruguayan drug trafficker Marset in Colombian territory shows that drug trafficking ceased to be a Colombian-American bilateral problem long ago and is today an American and global problem,” Petro trilled.

And he added, in another message, about the investigation process carried out by the Colombian judicial authorities: “The anti-drug strategy used until now has strengthened, instead of weakening, the forces of the mafias. The Colombian prosecutor’s office here managed to show investigative efficiency. Congratulations”.

More details of the Pecci case

“We’ve already turned around.” In this way, Francisco Luis Correa Galeano informed his companions by telephone about the homicide of the Paraguayan prosecutor, Marcelo Peci, who was on the island of Barú, very close to Cartagena, enjoying his honeymoon with his wife, the journalist Claudia Aguilera.

This is the evidence found in the indictment that the Attorney General’s Office has already filed against Correa Galeano, who, according to the evidence, was in charge of coordinating the follow-ups, the delivery of weapons, the crime and the escape of all those involved in the murder.

The 27-page document details the meeting that Correa held on May 7 with the other members of the organization in the Plaza Minorista in Medellín. This meeting lasted three hours and was attended by Wendre Still Scott Carrillo, Eiverson Adrián Zabaleta Arrieta, Gabriel Carlos Luis Salinas Mendoza and Cristian Camilo Monsalve Londoño.

During the meeting, specific roles were assigned and information about the objective was delivered. The members of the organization traveled to Cartagena to implement the follow-up plan to the Paraguayan prosecutor.

Captured for the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci: Marisol Londoño, Cristian Camilo Monsalve Londoño, Wendre Still Scott Carrillo and Eiverson Adrián Arrieta Zabaleta.
Captured for the murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci: Marisol Londoño, Cristian Camilo Monsalve Londoño, Wendre Still Scott Carrillo and Eiverson Adrián Arrieta Zabaleta. – Photo: Prosecutor’s Office

For days, and installed in the same hotel, they followed his every move and outlined his activities. All this was reported to the coordinator of the “operation”.

On May 9, with important information gathered, a group from the organization arrived in Barú to stay at the Hotel Decameron, the same one where Pecci was going to arrive with his wife.

“(…) Francisco Luis Correa Galeano, from his cell phone, (…) called 32 times Gabriel Carlos Salinas Mendoza, driver of the red jet ski used to commit the murder and also, the latter, called Francisco Luis four times, ”concludes the accusation.

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