President of Honduras Progreso pronounces on the issue of extortion and advances signings


The president of the Honduras Progress, Elias Nazarruled on the matter on the extortion theme that three players they had exposed a few days before moving to another sector of the country.

The president expressed what is the current situation of the delicate issue, I also take the opportunity to comment that it happened to the footballers Fabricio Galindo (central defense), Juan Ramon Gomez (left side) and Jason Sanchez (containment), elements whose record belongs to Motagua.

He also revealed to Freedom Radio possible signings and elements to consider for the start of the Clausura 2023 tournament and the adaptation of the experienced containment Luis Garrido to the team.



“I cannot speak in depth, because it is something serious, an issue that the authorities are already handling. After that we are going to clarify why there are many who give their opinion and the majority do so without any kind of knowledge.

He missed us greatly. The subject is being investigated, one of the things that they asked of us was prudence when speaking. You have to respect that and wait for it to be resolved. We had never seen or experienced it.”


“The nonsense that people talk without knowing, that the salary they were going to receive was low, that the conditions, all of that is false. The boys who arrived were in one of the closed-circuit neighborhoods of El Progreso, they were working well and then in a couple of days this fell through and even today the player that we needed of the three of us in our positions showed up, who was the left back and will follow the player (Fabricio Galindo) who received these messages, because he made all this information public. So that is the reality, there is no need to go around inventing that it was for low salary.

What surprised us is that in 10 years of having a First Division team in Progreso, it is the first time that such a case has been presented to us, it left us quite concerned. We will see at the end when the issue is evacuated by the authorities.


“In the case of Sánchez, other negotiations are being carried out to cover the positions of the players who left.

Edwin Maldonado could already be a Motagua player since yesterday and Fabricio Galindo is under the registration of Honduras Progreso”.


“In the case of Edwin Maldonado, he is an active player for Honduras del Progreso with the option of playing for two or three teams in the National League. When I spoke to him, he had even better options than what he took. He had a couple of options that were better financially, but he preferred to go to Motagua. After that there was a negotiation between Honduras del Progreso and Motagua, who are the owners of the token”.

In the position Maldonado was in, we have the Colombian, Carlos Mora and Luis Garrido, so we are covered in that part and we have already reached the agreement we wanted with Motagua”.


“We are waiting for a center forward. We are betting with an Argentine, the professor is evaluating two and they both seem to him. We are choosing which of the two finished their tournament last in order to enter the competition as soon as possible”.


“We have several goalkeepers within the possibilities Jean Marie (Villanueva FC), a goalkeeper who belonged to Motagua and the decision will be made by Friday.”


“He is one of the most committed. An example, the training sessions start at 3:30 pm and arrive at 2:20 pm, and from there he sets a pattern. He was not used to practicing on December 24 or 31 (both dates were worked on) and he is very happy with that form. Normally that happens with players who come like Garrido’s type, with a good run”.

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