President of Olimpia speaks after FIFA sanction Brayan Moya

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Olympia Sports Club he was worried after his scorer Bryan Moya He was suspended by FIFA from all sporting activities.

“The Beast” was sanctioned due to a legal problem with one of his former teams, the Zulia from Venezuela. The Venezuelan team claims that the catracho soccer player left the institution in 2020 when he had a twelve-month contract.

The Honduran attacker has no other option but to pay Venezuela’s Zulia the amount of 120 thousand dollars, that is, about 3 million lempiras.

After this news, the president Raphael Villeda of the merengue team gave statements and did not hide the concern they have about said sanction.

We are worried because he is a great player and brings a lot to the team. These are situations that arise and we are going to hope that they can be resolved in the best way”indicated the top leader of the albos in statements to the Hoy Mismo program.

And he added: “Moya will have the support of the club to find a way to resolve it. or wait the six months that you could be disabled in case your current situation is not resolved”.

Zulia claims that, “in accordance with the provisions of art. 17.1 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of FIFA Players, in the event of early termination of the contract by express decision or fault of “THE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYER”, due to compensation for early termination of the contract, Zulia claims that Velásquez Moya must pay them a sum of THREE MILLION US DOLLARS (USD 3,000,000.00) net, which in lempiras translates to 73,413,390, since FIFA’s resolution is to pay 120 thousand dollars, which was what Zulia claimed in May 2021 for breach of contract, plus 5 percent per annum in interest. However, the Chamber of Resolutions of Venezuelan soccer indicates that it is only 120 thousand dollars, which amounts to about 3 million lempiras.

We will have a meeting with Moya and try to talk to the representatives who are championing the cause on her side. It is a situation that arose as a result of going to football in Angola and Venezuela”, declared Rafael Villeda.

So far in Clausura 2022, the attacker has become Olimpia’s top scorer since he has scored five goals, being a fundamental piece in Pablo Lavallén’s scheme.

The reason for the punishment

In February 2020, Brayan Moya left for Águilas Doradas Rionegro in Colombia at the request of coach Francesco Stifano who directed him in Zulia, however while in the country there was an impasse and the transfer it fell due to economic issues, at this time, Bryan did not notify that he had a one-year contract with the Venezuelan team.

And it was until July 2020 when Angola announced the signing of the Honduran on August 1, the African club reported that Moya submitted the termination of the contract with his previous employer, however, after the hiring was made official, Zulia complained to FIFA alleging that the footballer still had a contract with them for 12 months.

It was not until 2021 that FIFA decided on the case and in November on August 1 announced that it was terminating Moya’s contract because FIFA officially notified them that Moya “had signed, prior to joining our club, a contract with ZULIA FC, from Venezuela” and prohibited him from participating in any competition with the club.

However, after FIFA’s ruling in favor of the South American team, Moya, with the support of 1 de Agosto, decided to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) “claiming the lack of validity of this contract presented by ZULIA FC” and this The entity decided to keep Moya enabled to play with the Angolan team and the Honduran National Team, despite this and in view of the future legal situation, on August 1 it decided to terminate the contract by mutual agreement.

Then in January of the present 2022, Olimpia hired Moya for a year without the attacker, or the TAS, having resolved his contractual problem with Zulia.

However, today, March 7, FIFA ruled in favor of Zulia and Moya will have to pay three million lempiras if he wishes to continue participating with Olimpia and the Honduran national team.

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