Pretty woman deluxe. The return of the cult film series

“I knew that the glitter of the stones I loved would help make my way into the world”, he used to repeat himself between the facets of memories the jeweler Fred Samuel, but never would have thought that the seventh art would set the noble seal in setting its success in history. None other than with a timeless film: Pretty Woman. He, the son of Alsatian gem merchants expatriated to Argentina in 1908, had returned to France as a boy, at the age of 16, with purity of purpose, the same as the precious ones that have studded his path and which then resulted, in 1936, in the jewelery brand Fred Paris. “Hers was a daring life, but sharper than a diamond”, says her niece Valérie Samuel, vice president and artistic director of Fred Paris, during the presentation of the latest collection of the LVMH Group brand. “Frosted by the war – so much so that he removed himself from the Samuel logo, preferring a more anonymous but patriotic Paris (Fred joined the foreign legion, was captured and even managed to escape, ed) – and patinated by famous divas such as Marlene Dietrich and Grace of Monaco, seduced by the creations of the Fred Joaillier store », she recalls.

A man, therefore, charismatic and visionary, who has defied the clichés …

«Fred was a star of the Parisian elite of the time, capable of overturning conventions and calling himself, on business cards,” modern jeweler-creator “. He was among the pioneers in importing Japanese cultured pearls (so much so that a particular rosé cream shade is now called Fred, ed), and was the first to clear the concept of everyday jewels ».

Were your valuables, and still are, a reflection of your vision?

«It was an inclusive ante litteram: he wanted to create jewels with a mixed cÔté, for men and women. He did not like the concept of museum Haute Joaillerie, but rather everyday, customizable, transformative. And after four generations it is still like this ».

The iconic film of the 90s with Julia Roberts then did the rest …

«We certainly did not think that our necklace with hearts of diamonds and rubies would become the third protagonist. Since then, the line Pretty Woman it is part of the Maison, just renewed by a tribute collection ».

What is the plot of this remake?

«There are 22 pieces in the name of the” heart in the heart “motif including bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces, such as theAudacious, with eight rubies and 554 diamonds, and the Glamourous, which with a precious dentelle remembers the heartbeat. In addition, to create a fil rouge, we have chosen as ambassador Emma Roberts, Julia’s niece, with her unmistakable smile ».

fred paris

Emma Roberts, Fred Paris ambassador

courtesy photo

Is rubellite also the common thread?

«It took us over two years to find and assemble 440 of these particular precious stones: there are only three thousand in the world of such a pure red».

What is your concept of “jewels to live”?

«In knowing how to decline the savoir-faire of High Jewelery with a daring contemporary aesthetic, in a mix and match capable of giving free rein to the personality. Like the ring doublefingers with movable opening or asymmetrical earrings, one long and one short, in rose gold and white, with which to play different combinations. A trademark that is also found in the lines Chance Infinie And Force 10, with nautical rope and carabiner ».

An insider tip for wearing these creations?

«I am a follower of the philosophy of stacking, the art of stacking and accumulating, not in a serial way but by mixing gold and weights ».

What is your leitmotif?

«The here and now. This for me is being modern, avant-garde: not turning to the past or looking beyond the future, but living in the present. And interchangeability, being quick-change, is certainly a current asset ».

An artist who fascinates you?

«I have a passion for Jeff Koons: he has a language capable of transposing the past and translating it into the present. Just like Fred. ‘

How do you feel similar to your grandfather?

“I often say to myself: ‘What would he do? He would dare.’ He was able to always look to tomorrow, knowing how to fully enjoy the moment. The same thing I repeat to my children: “Give yourself the chance to do something you will love in the future” ».

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