Pretty Woman’s necklace has a wonderful story


March 1990, it comes out in American cinemas Pretty Woman and after a few weeks, with the time it once took to distribute and dub the film, the story of escort Vivian and her savior Edward enchants audiences around the world. In more than 30 years this modern fairy tale that has consecrated Julia Roberts and reconfirmed the charm of Richard Gere in a more mature version it still represents a source of delightful jokes and scenes, including the one in which to go to the Opera with Edward Vivian she wears an amazing red evening dress and which her companion shows her a dream necklace to match. When the character played by Julia Roberts touches the necklace with his gloved hand, Gere snaps the case and the actress bursts out laughing.

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The scene is immediately interrupted at that exact point and seeing it, most of the spectators sensed that it was an off-script and that Richard had really made a joke on Julia. So successful that director Garry Marshall decided to leave it in the final cut. In the next scene, Vivian and Edward come out of the Beverly Hills Hotel arm in arm and one can thus better see what will later be christened the pretty woman necklace worn by Julia Roberts. It was such an extraordinary piece of jewelry that at the time, we all thought it was a creation of costume jewelery, supplied to the costume designers. In reality, however, the necklace was true, very true. Some directors prefer to use real joys in their films because the weight makes them move differently from the false ones on the actress’ bodies and, above all, because the authentic gemstones give back a different light in front of the camera. The Pretty Woman necklace is an author’s object, it was made by the French goldsmith Fred Joaillier who used 23 pear-cut rubies set in as many 18-karat white gold hearts, studded with diamonds. When Vivian in the film asks Edward how much the price of the necklace would have been, for those who want to buy it, he replies “250 thousand dollars”, but in reality it was worth even more and for all the time of the shooting of that scene it was on the set an armed security guard hired by the jeweler who had lent the jewel. Immediately after the film, the price of the rubies soared and the necklace was worth $ 440,000. Today it is said that, given the success of the film, it can be worth almost a million and a half. No one has ever been able to buy this piece of cinema history. Just as Stefano Canturi did not want to separate from the Satine Necklace, the collier worn by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!, the Pretty Woman Necklace remained the property of the Fred jewelry store in Paris. In the spring of 2021 they also picked it up at the launch event of a collection of jewelry inspired by the film, which included a renewed and more modern version of the necklace, and during which model Victoria Lee was worn. ‘original by making women all over the world dream from 1990 onwards.

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