“Prevention is important to reduce pain, but it must start in childhood” – Futuro Chile

Today in Palabra Qes Noticia we spoke to Juan Carlos Vélez, head of rehabilitation doctor at the Aches Salud Workers Hospital.

The UC Center for Longitudinal Studies and Surveys (CEEL) and AHS presented the first version of the X-ray of pain in Chile. The study examines the prevalence of chronic pain in the national population. Through representative data, it allows us to understand and recognize the magnitude of a problem that affects a significant proportion of people. And it represents one of the leading causes of loss of health and life years worldwide.

What is this study about?

“This is a study we did in collaboration with Catholic University and ACHS. “More than three thousand people have been interviewed throughout Chile to analyze the characteristics of the pain presented by people and rate it on a scale from one to four, where four represents very strong pain,” says Juan Carlos. Are.”

Is this a method that is used in other parts of the world?

“Yes, this type of study has been done in other parts of the world as well. Here in Chile too, although in a more limited way. In terms of data, we are talking about chronic pain, which is defined as pain that persists for more than three months and is rated on a scale of four to ten. In other countries, the percentage has been reported between 25% and 42%, and we are in that range, which is worrying, because one in four people who experience pain is in this category, “the hospital’s rehabilitation chief doctor Says. Del trabajador aches salud.

Does one in four men and women in Chile have chronic pain?

“Correct, we are talking about adults and even young people, who should theoretically be in perfect health. The youth also talked about having pain. Juan Carlos Velez says that women feel pain almost twice as often as men.

What are the main types of pain?

“In the study we ask about any type of pain. We provide consultation for musculoskeletal pain, headaches, low back pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain (due to damage to the central nervous system) and also for people who suffer from multiple types of pain at the same time in a combined manner. Experience,” says the chief physician of Achs health worker rehabilitation at the hospital.

What are the most common pains in Chilean men and women?

“For example, if we talk about women, who experience twice as much pain as men, we find osteoarthritis, which are joint problems that affect everyone, even that women are more affected as early as the age of 18, and as they get older. This includes osteoarthritis pain in the hip, knee and lumbar spine; these include pain in the hip, knee and lumbar spine, says Juan Carlos Velez. are those that significantly impact the population and result in many days of medical leave and disability.

Can we say that osteoarthritis is the most common pain in our country?

“It’s one of the most common pains, but women also have fibromyalgia. Recently, a law was passed on fibromyalgia, a pathology that has gained relevance because it is a pain that is not fully understood, since there is no laboratory or imaging test that can diagnose it. Allows, but it is highly disabling. People do not show external symptoms, but they feel constant pain that interferes with their life, their sleep, their ability to carry out daily activities, which can lead to psychological and family problems,” says the hospital’s chief rehabilitation doctor. Health workers.

What other types of pain are common in our country?

“Tendon problems are common. For example, shoulder pain caused by rotator cuff strain is a common medical complaint in traumatology and rehabilitation medicine. At Workers Hospital Medical Center, rotator cuff-related shoulder pain is a common reason for seeking medical attention. “There are also problems in the posterior chain, such as the gluteal muscles and the tendons of these muscles, which become inflamed due to repetitive movements or other biomechanical problems,” says Juan Carlos Vélez.

How will we improve if we do more physical exercise?

“According to studies, having a chronic illness increases the likelihood of experiencing and reporting pain. These chronic diseases include high blood pressure and diabetes, which are related to poor diet and low physical activity. Chile has become a country with high rates of chronic diseases such as hypertension and obesity among the adult population,” says the chief rehabilitation doctor of Aches Salud Workers’ Hospital.

“In addition, children and adolescents have higher rates of being overweight from an early age, which is directly related to poor diet and lack of physical activity. Therefore, healthy eating and regular physical activity is important to reduce pain. Physical activity helps relieve pain, because when you have pain, it is better not to move than to move. After a week of physical activity, people generally feel more active”, he adds.

Do Chileans prefer medical solutions to pain rather than preventing it?

“Yes, patients often seek medical attention when the pain becomes chronic rather than after three months. They hope that the doctor or healthcare team can physically relieve the pain. Therefore, prevention is important to reduce pain, but it must start from childhood,” Juan Carlos Vélez, head of rehabilitation doctor at the Aches Salud Workers Hospital, concluded in Palabra que Es Noticias.

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