PREYSLER WAS RIGHT: Vargas Llosa turns 87, eclipsed by two women and with a new enemy

Mario Vargas Llosa celebrates his 87th birthday in Peru, surrounded by his family and protected from the controversies surrounding his figure. He can see himself as a reconquest of Lima, the city he left in the 90s to settle in Madrid where his ex, Patricia Llosa (78 years old) reigns. Or it can be interpreted as a withdrawal from Spanish public life, where every step taken by the Nobel Prize winner from his

breakup with Isabel Preysler (72) becomes the subject of viral commentary. Never has the sentimental life of an octogenarian given so much to talk about.

Without a doubt, they have been hectic months for Mario Vargas Llosa, protagonist of the most controversial separation of 2022 and the only man who has made Isabel Preysler lose her composure, to date hieratic queen of hearts. The

accusation of jealousy On her part, she made the two women who share the attention of the Nobel Prize, Patricia and Morgana, her daughter, very angry. In addition, her children Álvaro and Gonzalo charged hard against the ‘socialite’. For many, unfairly.

Generations follow one another, but the scheme of interpretation of the sentimental vicissitudes of famous men continues to be the same. Mario Vargas Llosa became visible as the object of dispute between two women, Isabel and Patricia, who ended up being vilified by one or the other. The same is true of another trio that has revolutionized youth social media for the same reason: Selena Gomez, Hayley Bieber and Justin Bieber.

They take the criticism and insults, while they triumph.

Mario Vargas Llosa, with his recently married granddaughter and her boyfriend. /

alvaro vargas llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa’s great triumph came to fruition in Paris, with his appointment as a member of the very exclusive

French Academy, an institution where no writer in the Spanish language had entered until the Nobel. Let’s remember: King Emeritus Juan Carlos and Infanta Cristina attended his acceptance speech for such an honor.

It was the sweet moment that eased his eviction from la dolce vita in

Isabel Preysler’s house, whose care brightened the life of the Peruvian in health and in sickness (he suffered from covid). Now, the surveillance of his state of health and literary productivity has once again passed into the hands of Patricia Llosa, the woman to whom he probably owes his success.

Why Maro Vargas Llosa lives love relationships as if they were one of his novels

An unexpected actor in all this drama, the Peruvian writer and journalist

Jaime Bayley, has managed to add a few drops of poetic justice to a media story that is less focused on the figure of Mario Vargas Llosa than it should be. Bayly has just published Los genios, a novel about the Nobel Prize winner’s relationship with Gabriel García Márquez, a friendship that ended with a famous and inexplicable punch in February 1976 in a hotel in Mexico.

“When Vargas Llosa falls in love it is the war at the end of the world,” Bayly revealed to the ABC newspaper. “Mario Vargas Llosa understands love and desire as an unfinished novel to which he has to surrender and finish,” he said in Vanity Fair. «Vargas Llosa is a lot

more macho and jealous than García Márquez,” he explained in El Mundo. We finally have data regarding the sentimental personality of the Nobel, a matter that the attacks on Isabel Preysler and Patricia Llosa eclipsed.

Mario Vargas Llosa, in his office in his house in Lima. /

alvaro vargas llosa

Jaime Bayly has confirmed in several interviews that Mario Vargas Llosa is a tremendously jealous man, just what Isabel Preysler cited as the reason why she ended her relationship with the Nobel Prize winner. A revelation that angered, and a lot, his three children, even though it was his mother, Patricia Llosa, who previously suffered the

terrible temper From the writer. All the Llosas denied that his father was jealous.

“Mario was, in my opinion, very macho, supposedly ‘violent’ and very jealous,” Jaime Bayly explained to Vanity Fair, referring to the 70s, when Vargas Llosa was around 40 years old. “He was macho because almost all the men who felt handsome and conquering then were.”

Why Mario Vargas Llosa has always been a very possessive man with the women he joins

“They were macho times,” Bayly insists. «His relationship between him and Patricia was of a macho nature, she was completely subservient to him, she cooked for him, washed his clothes, packed his bags, organized his agenda, was his wife and his secretary and

maid», relates this Peruvian journalist who knows the Nobel well.

“Why is he so jealous? It’s a great secret, I haven’t finished unraveling it,” continued the Peruvian writer and journalist, who has interviewed Mario Vargas Llosa on several occasions. «I think it may be because maybe it is

macho and very possessive and because he likes his women to submit to him, to be docile. If the woman is more or less independent, with her own agenda, with her own social life, with friends, that’s when jealousy can arise.

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